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In Berlin. Why? well - the rent is acceptable, the city is incredible, the people are amazing. And we love Berlin. However, we document this project so anybody can use what we learn to start a similar one anywhere..

We are looking for a big place (over 250sqm) - we will rent it and develop it until it is self-sustainable. Here's a place we think of renting for starters, a 300sqm old factory floor in Pankow-Heinersdorf with a huge green space in front of it.

and some pictures ...

Self-sustainable means that the community as a whole and not 'chosen' individuals will pay and admin it. That can be done in many ways. Here there are some ideas and some issues that this choise raises.

 lucian Fabrik/Atelier Interesting 2. The Place Gone a bit too expensive but it may worth seeing it 
 lucian 6Rooms FrankfurterAllee VeryInteresting 1. Temporary On going   
 lucian PrentzlBerg VeryInteresting 1. Temporary Visited We need to make a proposal for it !!!Check the attached file - it is the plan for how it looks at the moment. 
 lucian 8 Rooms Wedding Interesting 1. Temporary On going   
 lucian 6 Rooms Miette Interesting 1. Temporary On going   
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Step 1. - up to ~ Oct 20th

Since the interest for a place as of 1st of October we're starting a page that would coordinate our efforts to get it: October Deadline. Update* . October was not possible. At the moment we are making efforts to get th documents we need in time for 1st of Nov for the apartment in Thulestr. 1

    Thulestraße 1

Step 2-up to Nov 15th ...
but not finished
    Torstr. 23

Step 3
After Step 1 and 2 the core group lives fragmented around Berlin but keep in close contact preparing for a new attempt on the slippery Berlin immobilienMarkt.
 While not really being able to move on with our project (no regular workshops, hosting etc) we are trying to scaffold the whole plan.