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How to create content for this website: Guidelines

This page is meant to clarify how to create and edit content on this website. For technical details (such as how to create a page, insert a log post or add events to calendars), see the main Contact/Help page.


1) All the content you create should be put in the appropriate section of the website as sub-page or log post. The sections are the following:

- HOME: Is not recommended to create sub-pages under the homepage. "Home" just contains the links to the other main sections of the site (what, who, how etc..). This page - like any other - is editable, so if you know how to make it better-looking, just edit it (be careful!...)

- WHAT: here we post everything regarding activities and workshops. If you want to announce a new activity, you should use the General Log and add it also on the calendar called "EventsPHB" (which is different from the hospitality calendar!!). If you want to create a page about an ongoing activity, a sub-page is to be created (like the ones for MusicallyMinded or Tau Your Hair, for example), and add the link on the What page.

- Hospitality is a special page on top level, linked from the What page. Here you can find the Hospitality Calendar, where every scheduled guest should be signed in. Moreover, under Hospitality, there are several pages:
 BerlinInterestingPlaces is a list of suggested destinations for visitors.
 GuestPlans is a form with what guests can introduce themselves.
 MessageBoard is a guest-book
Any suggestion, complain, debate regarding hospitality should be posted on the Hospitality Log as a blog entry.

- WHO: Here is the list of every partecipant to the project, with links to their personal profiles.
 The personal profile is a page you are supposed to fill how you prefere. Is the right place to introduce yourself, talk about your interests, especially your interest in the project. It should contain a personal log, which is meant to be used as blog for reflections, suggestions, weekplans etc...
If you don't know how to create and manage your page and log, have a look to HERE.

- OOPS is a log to report problems, accidents, complains etc...

- Yeay! is a log to report achieved goals and moments of happiness

2) Every page is editable by anybody has an account on ProjectVolunteering: this means that corrections and editings are always possible. Is you find a misplaced page or log entry, is possible to move it (from the menu "more actions" on top-right, select "move")

3) If in doubt about the position of a page, use the search engine! Is right under the button "more actions".

4) To check the recent activity on the site, have a look to the recentChanges page. Is also possible to receive every change of the website or just of certain pages by e-mail, selecting "subscribe to site changes" or "subscribe to page changes" from the "more actions" menu