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How to create your personal profile

Few steps to create your profile on

How to create your profile page

- log-in on the website, so you´ll be able to create and modify pages
- go to the who page
- on the upper toolbar, select the "create new page" button ("neue Seite erstellen" if you use the site in german)
- Select "new webpage" ("Webseite"), name the page with your name and put it under "Who". At this point the page editor will be loaded.
- Edit your page: write some information about you, the reasons why are you interested in the project, eventual links to other profiles or web-resources (couchsurfing, flickr, youtube...), pictures of yourself etc...
Since the page is totally customizable, you can choose the layout and the style you prefere.
- Save the page from the upper toolbar

How to create your personal log page

The log is used to post your weekplans, or to post reminders, suggestions, reflections, critiques about your activity in the project.

- Go to your profile page
- On the upper toolbar, select the "create new page" button
- Select "Announcements", put the page under your profile and name it with your name+log
- Save the page
- Go to your profile page and select "modify page" from the upper toolbar
- Choose where to  put your log and select "insert -> recent posts" from the editor bar
- Select your log
- Save the page

Now the last step: create a link on the who page to your profile. Just go to the who page, select "modify page" and put the link at the end of the existing list.