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Strongly suggested

Flohmarkt am Mauerpark: A sunny park often populated by jugglers and street performers, an amphytheatre for live bands and street theatre and one of the biggest flea market of Berlin on sunday. From 2009 it hosts a crazy sunday Karaoke.  MAP  /  INFOS

Brunch at Scherer8
: Possibly the best brunch in Berlin is in a social center and former squat in Wedding. VoKu, completely vegan, donation based (2 to 5 €), enourmous variety for a delicious ethical radical all-you-can-eat buffet. Every second sunday from 2.00 PM  MAP  /  INFOS

Turkish Market
: Our main food source is a turkish open air market right next to Yorckstrasse S-Bahn station (exit Grossgorschenstrasse). On wednesday and saturday, from 9.00 to 16.00, going after 15.30 you can get huge amounts of veggies for really cheap and collect food in excess.
A more popular version of the market is in Maybachufer/Kottbusserdamm on tuesday and friday (U-bahn Kottbusser Tor).

Rigaer105 Teehaus: In Friedrichshain, in the punkest street of Berlin, a self-managed tea house based on volunteering. With VoKue every night, tea and drinks, space for exhibitions, photo laboratory, german classes... [CLOSING IN OCTOBER 2010] INFO

die Weinerei
: "just" a cosy wine bar. Good food, tea, cakes during the day, donation paid wine at night, in Veteranenstraße 14. MAP  /  INFOS

Brunnen183 and Umsonstladen
: A squat in Mitte, often organizing VoKu, concerts, parties, performances etc...
The Umsonstladen (free shop) collects any sort of stuff (clothes, books, kitchen tools, electronic stuff) to be exchanged or taken for a small donation. In Brunnenstrasse 183 [CLOSED]  INFOS

Free City Tour - a Quicky by Vicky

what you should see in Berlin are definitely the touristy/historic sites as well as the arty part of the city.
For the tourist stuff I recommend a trip with the Bus 100 starting from Zoologischer Garten (big station in the west). It pretty much goes by all the interesting spots. I personally like the Holocaust memorial and the museum under it. It's quite depressing but I guess it should be. It's for free if you are interested. It is the big field of gray colums (near Potsdamer Platz) you will see during your bus trip - it is a normal bus like any other, not a special tour bus so you can just hop on and off wherever you see something you like. So a one way ride for 2 hours is 2,10€ or included in your normal daily/weekly ticket.
After doing the "must" in every city you can go on to the more unique things - for example Tacheles, an art gallery and former squat on Oranienburgerstraße. It is a big building with a gigantic cockroach coming out of one wall and over it it says in big letters "How long is now" just to recognise it. But also everyone knows it, so just go to the station there (it's on the U6 line I think) and look around and/or ask someone for it. It's cool in the backyard as well as inside. My favourite part of it is the staircase I guess :)
And then you should go to see the East Side Gallery. That's quite a long piece left of the Berlin wall and decorated and drawn on by lots of artists and random people. It's located between Warschauer Straße and Ostbahnhof.
A Ride with the U1 is nice, too. Most of the time it is not underground somehow and you have quite a nice view on Kreuzberg on the east side. Lot's of big graffities on the way.
Also taking a walk in the parallel streets of Frankfurter Allee in Friedrichshain is nice. There is a lot of left alternative culture, squats, street art, a beautiful kind of dirt and chaos somehow :)
On Sundays there is a nice huge flee market in Mauerpark near U Eberswalder Straße.
For other stuff I can recommend this website, where they tell you everything you can do everyday without having to pay entrance fees: I don't know if there is an English version though...

Have fun!

-  (in german)
- Kunsthaus Tacheles
- East Side Gallery


Bus 100 rides from Zoologischer garten to Alexanderplatz, and every stop touches points of turistic or historical interest. Can be too much mainstream and almost irritating, but is a nice way to see "all-you-must-see" in Berlin in few hours.
Zoologischer Garten: Remember Christiane F.? She started here with heroine.
Breitscheidplatz: Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtsniskirche is a church destroyed during the war. Instead of reconstructing, Berlin decided to keep the ruin as a monument and build the church inside a strange glass-concrete structure next to the old church.
Nordische Botschafen: The embassyes of the Scandinavian countries are considered as a masterpiece of contemporary architecture.
Grosse Stern: In the middle of the Tiergarten park, where the Siegessäule (victory column) lies.
Schloß Bellevue: a castle. Former residence of the queen, actual residence of the german president.
Haus der Kulturen der Welt: Germany's national centre for contemporary non-european art. In a strange oyster-like building.
Reichstag: centre of the German Parlament and impressive classic building with a postmodern glass dome, can be visited for free: long queues.
Unter den Linden: an high concentration of stupid turistic stores and beautiful historical buildings.
Lustgarten: Berliner Dome and Museum Insel. If you like ancient and medieval art, a stop in one of the museums there is obligatory.
Spandauer Strasse: The massive bronze version of the fathers of communist philosophy take a rest here.
Alexanderplatz: The center of the non-life (shopping malls, turistic stuff) and a really high tv-tower.

F'shain subculture pub crawl
In Friedrichshain there's the highest concentration of squat, hausprojekt and self-managed places in town (and probably in Europe). Without the hype to be alternative at all costs, you can take a relaxing pub tour.
Start from Bersarinplatz (M10 tram line) and admire giant geckos painted on sveral all-alike residential buildings. Follow Rigaer strasse, where you can stop at the Rigaer 105 teehaus for a tea, a beer or a VoKue meal. They also host art exhibitions, language courses and have board games: is really cosy! Then make a stop at the XB-liebig (a feminist squat with punk atmosphere) and the Fischladen (once a fish shop, now a cool alternative bar, in Rigaerstr. 83). Have a look to the works of well known Berliner street artists (Alias, El Bocho) on the wall of the street. Turn left on Samariterstrasse and go to the Sama Cafè for small techno, gothic, industrial parties. If you don't have enough yet, cross FrankfurterAllee, follow Warshauerstr. and reach Revalerstr., where in a old industrial complex (former a train garage) some dance clubs were born in the past years: Cassiopeia and Raw Tempel: even if they're totally legal and far from the leftish subculture, they mantain the appereance of squatted places.


Many of us - me included - don't like clubbing so much, but often guests ask where to go dancing until morning. Here some suggestions:

West Germany: perhaps the smallest club in berlin (or is it a bar? where's the border?), it used to be a dentist studio. To enter, ring an anonimous buzzer in Skalitzerstr. 133, where also the Kaiser's is. Cheap enter fees, good live music.
(Cantianstr. 15, is like a not so big cellar underground, it
pretends to play the best drum&bass in berlin.
KitKat (Koepenickerstr. 76,, a sort of fetish/carnival disco. Expect live sex and funny costumes. It inspired the "common private workshop" we didn't manage to complete yet.
Berghain/Panoramabar ( in a
former power plant (the building is impressive!),
really long queue to enter, quality techno or house
(also live sets) on friday, gay/sex disco with a lot of
naked guys on saturday.
In Revalerstrasse 99 there are 4 clubs inside a old big
train garage, the ambience is rough with graffiti,
industrial background and "squattish" appereance, the
music is from rock to dancehall to hard techno.

Useful websites:
Stressfaktor: Portal about Berlin's squat subculture. It lists events, gives info about places and has a VoKue calendar.
Spotted by locals: a blog in english about interesting places in Berlin