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couchsurfing suggestions

sebastian and i created a quick 5 point word document to printout and put up on the wall for couchsurfers. nothing crazy, just suggesting involvement in houselife and reminding of the beer and food situation. if people could show the couchsurfers this on arrival it´d be good. of the points was beer donations

it´s a 1€ suggested donation for a beer. everytime we get 3 crates it costs us roughly 20€ max and we theoretically should be collecting up to 60€ in donations giving us a 40€ profit. in practice we´ll probably only get 20€ profit but given we do a few beer runs a week this will add up. i think we should always remind couchsurfers about donating for beer as it´s a good way to collect money for when things boiler, dish washing, (yesterday the shower). with this many people living in the house things will go wrong and need fixing and beer is a good revenue raiser.