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Change needed?

Hello my lovely Guest and my lovely Roommate,
This is meant as a reflection from my (Chris) talk with different guest and Roommates (For the sake of anonymity no names will be mentioned.) and the issues and challenges that faces both the permanent residents, as well as the guests.
We (hereby meant the PV-permanent residents) are more then happy to have you as a guest and you actually makes us feel special by making us as your choice of Host. This also mean that we are more then willing to share most of our belongings with your. However some permanent residents have noticed or feels lately that they share more and more good-times with their guest, but less perils. (By Perils is meant simple household tasks like: cleaning, dish-washing, cooking, food etc.) It has also been noticed that some permanent residents seems not to participate as much as others.
I would personally like to believe that it is a mather of learning process. Cooking is not done because of insufficient knowledge in this area. Cleaning is not done because of different expectations on cleanliness. Food, Donations and Rent is paid differently because of different value systems. I hope you see my point?
I would very much like you to ask right away or speak right away when something is not within your expectations. If you keep quiet you will do more damage to your self and others. I really love you people, enjoy talking with you and are more then willing to share your problems. Many of the problems I seem to notice is because of lack of communication or understanding, which leads to tensions and friction. DONE, but people still prefer talking to others before addressing the root.
I was talking to Elo about how she missed the dinner around the table and I must now say I feel the same. The dinner around the table created a certain familiar atmosphere and created a space, time and opportunity for talk and problem solving. OPEN - let us make this one happen this week ??
We can change this together and we can make this more convenient and comfortable for all of us. I will be available for talk or feedback on one of the following contacts, but I believe you are the key ingredient for the change:
SKype: Viking-pet
 Love, Hugs and Fluffy bread
     Chris - The standard Household Viking
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