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Change needed 2.0?


It seems like the time has come for a new discussions on change, as the project again has taken new changes or is about to take new changes into action.

From now on the 'fire breathing' Viking will commit 2 hours every Sunday from noon and onwards to clear space. Everything not tied to the floor or stored in on shelves will be in the line of fire and risk to be thrown out. This also means that we need and urgent visit by Vicky to sort out her stuff and thus free up space on shelves and the floor. She will be coming by on Monday (around 8) and everyone who is able to help or just wants to chat with her are more then welcome. DONE, second theme should we have a firebreathing dane every Sunday?

Next (it seems) we will paint the dorm, which means that the space will need to be vacated. Since the Paint is already in there, it looks like this will take place in the near future, which means that we will need to put a hold to the Hospitality project for 4-5 days to use the room for our own sleeping places. The calendaar shows room from the 12 of May and we will thus take out the following dates until the 17 of May. Tyler, Jake and Fabio will then sleep in our temporary dorm. OPEN

Next Tau, Daan, Emma and Chris discussed to put in a buffer (1-3 days) when hosting bigger groups (10 + people) of guests. This is to allow and extended stay of the group and give the residents time to reclaim energy and have peace in the house. It has now been the second time that we had to take in Guests into the Dorm to make everyone comfortable and get some sleep. Luckily nobody had to sleep in the kitchen this time, except Louis who spend a few hours in an office chair. OPEN

Next we need to clear our the huge pile of cloths gathered to the right of the entrance to the guest/living-room. Next Sunday they will be for sale in Mauerpark, so please take action. DONE

Comments as always expected and wanted.