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IDEA on groups

Hi guys,

remember this:

Next Tau, Daan, Emma and Chris discussed to put in a buffer (1-3 days) when hosting bigger groups (10 + people) of guests. This is to allow and extended stay of the group and give the residents time to reclaim energy and have peace in the house. It has now been the second time that we had to take in Guests into the Dorm to make everyone comfortable and get some sleep. Luckily nobody had to sleep in the kitchen this time, except Louis who spend a few hours in an office chair. OPEN

I thought we might pick up on this, since the most of us now have placed the stress full time behind us. I also realized how wonderful it was for all of us to have a week with a minimum of guests (like the week we were going to paint). Many of us gained new energy and was fine and 'okay' with just hosting emergency guests and friends for a week.

If it should be a whole week I do not know. However I think at least one break-day a month is very important and can give us some time to replenish our worn out bodies and give some time to nurture the selfish and privat seeking part of us.

Let me know what you think or better yet discuss and act?
It should be a decision of the people living there, so gather all residents and ask them to raise hands.

I hope to see some good arguments for and against the idea. Best would be to see a 'FREE-day' in the calendar (I think I have stated my obvious view?)

Waving my banner in your face; how do you like it Red and White!