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Visiting journalists/students from Bilbao

As most of you know, we have a couple of interested people with optical registration devices coming in at the start of may. Please make sure you make up your mind about what's permissible. For me this would be concerns about privacy and security. Also, be prepared to collaborate/participate, as this has been the main theme of our correspondence.

Yes we can!

>Hey Daan!!
>Wow, I really don´t know what to say!! you think we
>can stay there for two or three nights? (Even if we
>don´t film... that´s secondary in this case). If the
>5 of us can stay wonderful, but just 2-3 would be also
>Man, actually we should do another documentary about
>your proyect!! I looked the web-page and is simply
>It would be great just a little report about it, but of
>course If you guys don´t "approve" it, don´t worry at
>all, we will bother you the least we can, ok?
>then, I´ll write you back before flying there to get a
>more direct contact, do you agree??
>Bis dann,

>>Juan de la Vega Wrote:
>>>Hi Daan!! How are you doing?
>>>Ok, first I´ll introduce myself briefly. I am Juan
>>>study audiovisual communication in Bilbao (Basque
>>>Country). We have a subject where we have to film a
>>>documentary and decided to do it about the CS
>>>So, of course we decided that we had to travel and
>>>chose the best city I know: Berlin!!
>>>we will arrive in Berlin the 30th of April and stay
>>>there until the 5th of May. But we have a place already
>>>the first two nights...
>>>As i said we want to film the CS experience: how we
>>>(well me - which I am supossed to be the main
>>>character) arrive into a new place, go to the surfer's
>>>place and then what we do with him/her (visit the
>>>eat/cook together, whatever you'd like to do or show
>>>I have already talked to a couple os Ambassadors of
>>>Berlin asking them if they could organize any meeting
>>>to find more surfers there and to see how you guys
>>>organize yourself in berlin - to see how the meetings
>>>It's beeing hard to organize it all since we are 5
>>>people, and possibly we will have to separate and
>>>skeep in different places, but during the day we will
>>>meet to work. We would appreciate if you could host 2
>>>or 3 of us! but well, seeing you can host 12 people,
>>>maybe you could host us all??
>>>We would just introduce you (ask you some questions
>>>about CS) and the let you do what you want or can, and
>>>film it..
>>>BUT, if you do not want to partecipate, and can just
>>>host us, we would also be really pleased... I mean, we
>>>are 5 and will be separated, so we can probably film 1
>>>person pro day (the one hosting me), if you prefer not
>>>to appear (or appear just in the city where we all 5
>>>will gather, we can interview you there, but without
>>>recording how I arrive in your house and everythig...
>>>I hope I´m making myself understandable, if not just
>>>tell me, ok?? hehe, sorry...)
>>>If you´re interested and want to take part we will be
>>>much more than pleased!! we are really excited with
>>>all this and we are eagering of doing a good job, but
>>>besides, I think we will have fun doing it, and of
>>>course we accept suggestions or any ideas!!
>>>Thanks for your time reading this whole "brick",
>>>Dann, wenn du Bock hast wir sehen uns in Berlin!!
>>>Viele Grusse,