...does the project work?

  Travelers contribute with their passions and interests. The project organizes the activities and spreads the word. There are no set prices for anything, costs will be covered by smaller or larger donations from everybody who thinks it's worth supporting.

  Here we're all very excited about traveling. Hospitality experiences have been among the best moments of our lives. To meet new people, to learn about other cultures and ways of thinking is very rewarding.
Permanent Hospitality tries to take all these life changing experiences to a new level. As travelers we want to give more, as hosts  we want to preserve and share with others what we receive. This project is meant to find ways to make possible greater things from small bricks.
We imagine this will happen if we bring people together in more ways. Simple things can be extraordinary if shared - like speaking your native language,  cooking some special dish, making music, playing chess, talking about your passion. Or you could team up for the places or kinds of places you want to visit in Berlin.
We strongly believe that every mindful contribution is valuable.

... are we realizing it ?

With the contribution of all of us, including you, and our flat. We hold regular meetings. We care about each other very much as a base of all that. We have activities and also report in our profiles lots about our life together.

Open Task List: All that things that you think need to be done and all you can also do if you want!

Finding a place
Communicating efficiently

- Weekly Meetings

Contacting others: A sister project of Permanent Hospitality focuses on finding and connecting like-minded people. You can find the first steps under
The initiative started with a  list of similar projects 

Other discussions here (should we stop hosting for a while?) and here (what we're buying usually) 
 the whole section needs extended.

... to meet us?

As they say: "You are welcome everyday and on Saturday." That means that you can join any of our activities anytime. Saturday is especially good because we're always home for Saturday's dinner. It is still useful to drop a line just in case we're spontaneously going out. It doesn't happen often to find our door closed but we want to make sure it never happens.

... to help out? 

Check a detailed description here. If you still have questions contact one of us.

... to move in?

Check a detailed description here. If you still have questions contact one of us. stay with us?

Before getting here: 


Have a look at the calendar to see how many people will be sharing sleeping surface when you come. There can always be more people signing up after you.

Make sure you give us clear dates of arrival and departure. If you finally cannot make it, let us know as soon as possible. This is very important because other guests make requests or show up based on how crowded it seems to be.

We can't confirm accommodation if you request more than one week in advance, we are not sure what we will be doing! So request 1 week in advance or less!


Let everybody know when you'll be here and what are your plans. You can do it in this google group. See what others say.

When you are here:


We have some mattresses, and some blankets. Or maybe not. We don't have enough of them most of the time, as we have a lot of guests. We also expect you and the other surfers to arrange where everyone sleeps. So please, try and bring your own sleeping bag and mat, and be cool about sharing space.


We have from 3 to 13 guests every night. We are happy to have them, but we are becoming aware that this adds a lot on water and electricity expenses to our average bill. As a result our small project might become unaffordable. Please do your best to save resources and contribute!

Find out more about the use of all donation money.


We can give you a lot of advice and maybe get involved in your trip. However, sometimes we are really busy and can't be with you. As we try to have guests all the time you can learn and pass on what you know. Ideally guest would become hosts at the same time.


Food is there for all to be cooked and eaten. Make sure that  replace it at some point. Everybody is very happy to try food from other cultures and new things.  Please check if there is food that looks like it will go bad soon and try to cook it before. It makes us sad to throw food away.

After your visit:


We are very open to receive any comment/help/ideas for the project. Take initiative and share with us what you know. 


If needed we will suggest appropriate tools for your project. As a start you can easily stay in contact through the Message Board

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