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This page aims at collecting all the products, goods or resources that requires a regular input in the flat AND that are used collectively. For example, since we don't put shampoo in common, it can't be in this list unless we start doing it, but handsoap is freely available and is a collective good we need to buy once in a while. A broom is a collectively used good, but you don't need to buy a new one once a month.

All over the flat

- Electricity
- Water


- Dish soap
* Dishwasher products: Detergent + Salts
- Washing powder (clothes)
- Water softener (for the machine)
- Softener (textile)


Not so perishable

- Garlic
- Onions
- Vegetable Oil
- Olive oil
- Salt
- Sugar
- Wheat flour
- Tea
- Eggs

Quite perishable (<1 week)

- Tomatoes
- Cucumbers
- Salads


- Hand soap
- Toilet paper