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Donation money, where does it go?

All we currently do with the donation money is keep it in an account in order to use it at the end of the year when our FINAL WATER BILL and REAL ELECTRICITY BILL come. Also known as FWB and REB.

If we decide to do something else with the money, this will be posted here. We are open to suggestions and comments.


The rent we pay every month is 1800 €. Up until now, nothing of this RENT has been funded by donations. It all comes from the residents, that need to work somewhere else to invest in this project. We gather it 1 or 2 weeks before each month starts, and sometimes have problems to reach the amount.

Working in something else means that we have less time to organize activities and spend time with guests inside the project. We are using our money to fund this wonderful idea, but if you want, you can also help.

We consider that it would be a good thing to make our project self sufficient. This means that some of us could use 100% of our time in developing only the project.

Money gathered in some donation pot:

29.6.09 - 25,98 €  - Gathered by Tau
02.07.09 - 14€  - By Tau
19.07.09 - 27.01 € - By Vicky (in Tau's hands)