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An essential part of this project is to tackle online/ offline interaction. We're planning therefore to try to involve the online community at every level.
As a first step we're trying to document everything that we do such that you will be able to answer to us. We recognize this is the basic step. However we cannot know what kind of things you might be interested in and we cannot document everything. 
I can imagine two distinct ways to get involved  (but you are not limited to these):

outside oriented projects
- projects that simply have this website or this community as a starting point. You can start here and go somewhere else but in any case the attempt is to change something outside the project. Know yourself through others.

inside oriented - you are able to influence our lives  within the project. You can help us with various issues, join discussion, study what we do and how various changes impact our lives.  With arguments you can persuade people in the house to try or change our lifestyle. That can have to do with anything from our decision making processes, budgetting, organizing, etc to our attempt to be more green or any other theme that may be interesting for you. Know others through yourself.

This project will inform and be informed by other community projects like those you can find under AlternativeLiving.
Members of this projects would love to hear and debate suggestions/ theories of living together from all sides of humanities etc. Sociology, Psychology,Sustainable living, Political science, Economy etc. We're trying to take seriously what we're doing.
IF one feels the need to contact the group immediately with some input that simply cannot wait, please reach Clayton:
IN D-land: 01634980080
WITHOUT D-land: 00491634980080

                             moving in? Here's details.
How to contribute for visitors and supporters:
  • Buy us something that you think we need. Like a new projector, a rice cooker and of course, FOOD.
  • Donate money in order to support this project, don't forget it's our flat and some of us work in this as a full time job. Food, showers, electricity could be funded by you. Also you can order special services like a printed picture or a massage.
  • Organize activities.

To do listat long term helpers:
  • Explore the website. Try to understand what we're trying. You can start for example here.
  • Start a discussion with several members of the project. Don't be shy to start online discussions. We'll bite.
  • You need an account to write on this site so SignUp. We're commited to maintain an online community as lively as the offline one.
  • You'd need to get familiar with the platform we're using it. If you want to be aware of what happens on the site click on 'More Actions' >'Subscribe to site changes'
  • Create a page for yourself.
  • Ask for what you need. Don't be afraid to ask ask ask!
  • There is still a questionnaire for us to share our points of view regarding this project, but the synthesis has been done already. You're welcome to add to it or to get inspired for a log post, but it was mainly a starting brainstorming.

Joining this project means you are building it - coordinate with the others but don't just wait for things to get done. Make it happen!