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Home Sweet Home - October 2009

Within 2 weeks, by the end of october, the Project has to take an important decision: keeping the place once known as the Caravan for another year or moving somewhere else.
This questionnaire has been created to help understanding what we really want in order to take the best decision regarding the future of PHB.

Everybody involved in ProjectVolunteering is asked to answer those question or, at least, to think about them. The answers can be posted as a comment or by email to berlinteam[at]

Home sweet home questionnaire – part 1

"What is my home?” 

  • What is your definition of “HOME” and “HOUSE”?
  • With how many people (min. and max.) are you willing to share your home?
  • You are now living @ PHB: Permanent Hospitality Berlin. What does it mean for you?
  • You are now living in a houseproject (oder HausProjekt). Why did you choose so?
  • What is the best definition for the people with whom you are sharing the house? Flatmates, family, tribe, group of friends, acquaintances, collegues etc...? Why?
  • Living in PHB: what is great and what is awful?

Home sweet home questionnaire – part 2

"a new place?

  • Does the Project need a new place?

  • Should we keep the Schoenhauserallee 146 WG and extend the contract or not? If yes, are you willing to take over the contract?

  • How big a new place should be? Only one or several?

  • What kind of place? Living space, workshop/rehearse space, public place?

  • Which range of price? Rent or buy or squat? How much are you willing to pay?

  • For how many people?

  • Are you going to move to the new place? For how long?

  • How do you prefere to manage the space? Common dormitory or private
    bedrooms? How many rooms and for which purpose?