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into the wild

As you all know, I proposed a host free week because tensions were running high lately in the caravansary. I didn't want to say our problems lie with hosting, I was more interested in changing our situation so everyone finds themselves in a bit more uncommon territory. In the hope this would inspire debate, reflection, and all the other feelings we are used to associate with the one quintessential experience we all share, traveling. Just to say for me it doesn't have to be a break from hosting, it just as well could be the project in the park everyday between 8-11, or whatever. It just seemed the right thing to do for a majority of participants back then. Too bad I only got 1 or 2 people to provide me feedback. PLEASE LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

Lately I have been talking to a journalist that is making a documentary on CS. He is extremely stoked about our project, and he wants to surf our place and see our method of living. He wants to surf our place between the 30th april and the 5th of may, which is in the middle of our no-host week. This could also be a very good way to think and talk about what we are actually doing here, and why. So this is both a question if they can surf during our non-hosting week, or if we host people again that week to show them the hospitality in project volunteering, or if we are just not interested at all. PLEASE LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Even if it's just yes,no or meh. I'll love you anyway.