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(Raw material from the Risk Management & Safety / Emergency Response workshop - to be shaped with IDEAS - SOLUTIONS - no ranting plz :P )

Previous discussion: BBC Keys
There are, right now, 2 sets of keys in the hook.
Originally there were 5. The upper key of the 5th set folded against the door (when it opened) so already in February we had only 4 sets. One has been lost (by whom, we don't know). Vicky took one but it's now in Paul Br's hands. We know that it's not a solution.

So there are two questions at the moment:

How to handle keys?
- Permanent residents could have a set of keys each for with they leave a symbolic deposit and it's theirs. They are fully responsible for it. If they want to hand it to their guest, it's their choice and responsibility. There would be no need for keys to be on the hook (apart maybe from the mailbox key, that could always be put back)
- This way, the people risking of being locked out are the guests. Since guests are normally associated with one permanent resident, they then have to make sure that their coming back time is synchronized with someone being at home.
- Annoying thing - people having to buzz in the middle of the night. If they are guests of a permanent resident, they could have their set of keys instead of waking up other residents.
- This way we also ALWAYS know who has a set of keys. If new residents come they can decide not to have a set of keys but it's their own risk.
- How do we trust people

How do handle door control?

- Always welcome people when they get in the flat - they should be regular visitors or be registered on the calendar as guests (and have contacted someone before).
- Everybody is welcome here. But sometimes we don't feel safe around some people, it's normal. How to handle that? How do we trust (or not trust people?) It's still a mystery.