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Stage 1

 After the first few talks here's the easy steps.

1. CS and HC profiles (eg: (signature for messages, site, description 'working/ed, support projects like...')
2. Facebook &(other social networks) profiles, status, import/write notes etc.
3. Email signatures (status (gmail, etc)
4. Talk (to whoever may be interested). It proved to have a great impact so far.

There's a new facebookPage here. (I'm waiting for FriendConnect type things for more....)

Stage 2

(write short descript,- report)
 trying to address it to people who want to move to Berlin...

Stage 3
- we have an IG (initial group - link)

1. Polish the content - make alternative paths for the people interested. Time related (a 1 min, a 10 min etc.)
Moving from the Slogan to going through every page in detail etc.
put links to the content here

2. List of outposts - websites
A. Classes - (brainstorm (add at will)
- social networks (eg facebook) and within them
- ngos (online and local) For local ngo there could be an extensive partneship - we may be able to help them find and host interns etc. (skills' ebay)
- connect to other house projects (local&international)
        stress faktor
- other volunteering projects
- universities / students

B. Do the research

C. Prioritize

3. Act - create posts, entries, decide on communication paths

Draft 1

Contact list


  • '!?' means everybody/whoever/anybody interested can take the task
  • '!?' can edit the tasks and the text etc. - later we'll need a way to prioritaze
  • we need to talk/find several important things that the project is important for us (putting down a list as individuals may help. what could help with that? :)
  • we need to custom write the messages stressing the aspect the will be of interest for the people we write for, without missing what is important to us - we don't want everybody we're just open to everybody
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Lucian write messages for forums, sites, services,etc length, stress,  Lucian in the making  
Lucian prepare that's the question !? we need to think about how we receive the people/make it easy to contribute putting various tasks - probably in terms of hours 
Lucian places we can post/send etc create list Lucian done 
Lucian Collect group pictures and make a proper page similar to the collection of logs Picasa feeds !?  
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Lucian Cosinschi,
Jul 28, 2008, 11:58 AM
Lucian Cosinschi,
Jul 28, 2008, 11:58 AM