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This page is intended as directory and a reflection on how to improve communication.

Also check this Communication page.

Between us

Individual Logs and Group Logs (documenting common activities) are a nice way of both individual focus tracking and, at the same time let the group know. Planning in advance give the others the chance of joining or helping as well as it prevents side-tracking.

We can use:

RSS feed  for Recent site activity. You can receive by email every chance by clicking on More Actions>Subscribe to site changes

For 1-on-1 discussion:

  • Instant messaging:

For group discussion:

  • Real life meeting
  • Instant messaging meetings:
    • MSN
    • Skype
    • GTalk
  • Group Email  - team at projectvolunteering dot net is the list (andra, floh, anick, jose, lucian at the moment)
  • Google Groups, Yahoo! Groups or a similar mailing list, etc.
  • Pages of this wiki


  • Share our contact information
  • Find an appropriate way to email each other in a more structured way... Forum ? Group ? I am afraid our emails might just get lost with time and our discussions might not include all people that could have proper interest

With people interested to the project

A mailing list!?

    Here it is the page for subscription. To unsubscribe just write at unsubscribe at You will receive emails only when something remarkable happens.


See the Outreach page

Communication between us is not yet perfect... any ideas on how to improve our team-working ?

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