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Privacy, Transparency & Freedom

Background info

Some people (at least 2) voiced that they want their full name removed from the website.
We never made any conscious decision to have all our full names on the website.
We all need to take position and justify ourselves in this debate in order to collectively choose our direction.


 Full Names
 Aliases are OK
 I want my name associated with this project
It's not about having something to hide but rather having everything to share
I'm committing to this project

There is no need for full names, we know who we are
Some people have effective aliases too (Anick-Marie, Tau)
I don't see any problem in putting just the first name, or a nickname or whatever (let's just avoid "stupid" usernames like Cybertschuss, Berlinsex or Aida82)
I suggest to use for the site the name you use in real life.
Of course, should still be possible to use the full name.
Anyone who knows the project and context knows perfectly well who the people are behind the posts.

I think it's an ignorant view that you want privacy because you want to "hide something". Flip it around, maybe you want to "show" some things.
I've noticed that anonymity is a precursor to identity.
If our activities here can not be linked to our real identities by people not involved in the project, some people will feel that they can be more personal on this platform.
 Why do you need to hide??
I have heard no excuses except that it scares you and makes you uncomfortable.
If you are hiding, I want to know why, because this project is about trust, I want to know what's wrong
If you erode the name and the thoughts it gives to write and comment on something on a public space with you name, then I will be ashamed. If you can not attach your name to your thoughts and beliefs out in the open, what else can you be then a coward and shadow of what ever you post?
while on its own/as an abstraction it is harmless either way (nick or name) in the internet and social context that we live it is a major issue because of its important ties.
Lets let people decide for themselves
I am not egoistical enough to take offence at others self evaluated needs
Why would someone else feel the need to make this decision for me
We don't know what is good for you!
Not showing the full name is a desire that doesn't cost anything and doesn't bring any damage to the community
If people dont want their full name up, let them use what they want.
We know who we are, we are mature, we can make that decision
It is not going to damage the community and some of us seem to want it

From the meeting 2009/07/07:

Present: Anick,Daan,Tau,Vicky,Sebastian,Manuel

Against mandatory full name disclosure

Disclosing full names can be a contribution to the project and consider it fair to encourage people to do so voluntarily.
Being comfortable or not cannot be "decided" and it has an influence on my contribution on the website.
I don't want my personal information published anywhere on the Internet, I never agreed on this, and I was never asked. It's about respect.
I feel too transparent in regards of other people.
I'm concerned what happens to my personal data, in terms of time... We don't know how long it will be there.
I can be googled and anyone can find that information about me, future employer, colleges, potential business partners
I don't want to be followed by anyone on the Internet - stalkers and such. I want to remain in control.
I have been stalked in the past and someone took my identity in boards and tried to damage my reputation and create psychological distress.
I have seen my privacy invaded and have been threatened by someone that wanted to follow all my life to annoy me.
Whatever people think of the advantages of full name disclosure, it is more true when it is voluntary.
I started living here without having a login, I did not know that my full name would have to be disclosed
You guys know my real name, the trust is not broken.
There is a link to my CS profile, there there is a lot more about me than my name.
All works better if it is voluntary.
I would feel more easy about it if my name wouldn't be googleable directly there. But I think our website should be indexed, so it's a pity.

For full name disclosure

You are taking full responsibility for the project. It's not just any forum, it's a specific profile for the project, a life project and commitment
It's about being serious about the project.

About the current situation

I don't feel identified with the name used for me on the website, and it's not consistent with my id, but I don't care much because that's the only reference about me under that name online.
Lucian says that there is a lot of literature about it but we have no idea what are the so-called philosophical implications of the outcome of this decision. We feel that the issue is addressed (by Lucian) unilaterally and it is worrying us (people present). Not making a decision now, or not having made a decision in the past, the problem remains the same - while we talk, there is some prejudice for people against.

We disagree on taking more than 27 days to address this - at least people wanting not to have their full names in should be respected in the meanwhile.



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