And our Questions?

Smoker, drinker, drug user?

What would make you reject a person who wants to stay with us?

What would make you kick a person out of the house once he is inside?

Would you be bothered if I ask you to give me some friend's contact info so I can talk to them about you? (similar to recommendation letters, but informal)

What sort of things are expected at the outset for the IG; i.e. what sort of financial commitment is necessary at the outset?

Looking at the floorplan, it seems that it won't be a private room for everyone?

How much time do you expect everyone to contribute?

Where's the sugar?

What about pets?

What about making "rules" for visitors, guest, cs? yes/no?

What is your opinion about hosting, smoking, drugs, meat, religion, parties, music, file sharing?