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Open Task List

This is an open list for everybody to edit.

 DEADLINE  Self assigned:
Finding a good place for us to live: Look for a smaller place and a big place
 find a place!  01. FEBRUARY 09
vicky concerning the current
place for now
 can we break this down into less big and scary sub-tasks? e.g. first looking through websites etc, for places; then arranging to visit the best ones; then checking the documentation...... [dan]
  - Find more possible places

  dan (but not just dan...)
 look through websites, etc, for more big, cheap buildings, and add them to
 - Check which places are still available    
    There are ~10 possible places listed at PossibleLocations, but some of them are probably not available any more. We could phone/email the landlords, see which are still available. Then maybe visit them..
 - Get torstrasse or not
Take a solid desition about that place and its possibilities. If yes that implies findien enough people.
 contact other groups  get help and experience
et sonia
 Useful links:

We are making a list of interesting places/groups to visit on Alternative Living:

Everybody is encouraged to work on the list and map.
Evolve website Into something more intuitive and useful for communication.
Implement a private area with information only for account members for private data.
Organize Weekly Meeting
     manu (but not just manu ;) )  no matter how often the offline meetings are -there is a lot to do online and we can really be much more active than once a week - there is plenty of stuff to do and to try if you want to