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Culture exchange experiment

Hi Hospitality Group,
I have been away for this site some time, but my thoughts has not.
While I was attending a night meeting and breakfirst meeting at the new place of Tau, Dann and Clayton something I learned long ago popped into my mind.
When I say things such as:
 - Hofsted 4 + 1 D
 - Tromepenaars 7 dimensions
 - Cultural misfits
Most of you will surely be making a funny face or already be googling or Wiki.
My point is that I did some cultural studies back in school and my thought have been playing with the idea that we are cultural misfit to start such a project.
Or said with the words of Hofstede we are to Induvidual or not collective enough.
I would say that this problem could be the hold back for our project. We all have different ideas of what the project should be like, such as how much it should cost, what the aim or idea of the project really is, how much time we should spend on the project, how much space we need.
When I talk, though I tend to listen more, I have doubts that we are heading in the direction i head in mind or that I could actually live with all of you at once. I do not know if I am to anal or to carering to live in the same house with you. When I think of the last time I lived in a house, which I enjoyed, with severeal people. I think of my family and I love them so much, but I still think that from time to time they are behaving like idiots or making me embarresed.
My suggest would be to leave me 5-10 notes in the Commentaries regarding what you hate or love the most with you familiy. When I have received enough responses I would compare them and see if we would be able to fit togehter as a family, unit or group and where there will be work to do.
Thanks Chris