Weekly Meeting Aug 4th

posted Aug 4, 2009, 2:59 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 28, 2009, 4:54 AM by christian.jp@projectvolunteering.net ]
Should timmy be able to join a meeting? Should we try to find a date that we can all join together? That's why we tried to do it online. Lucian  sais thats why we tried to do it online, but people werent interested.

We could have it at different times every week, but then we have to have it enough. How about in the morning?

Jade thinks online is bad, because not everyone is online. Lucian anticipated, and brought home two laptops.Conclusions are difficult online, but difficult anyway. See the privacy debate. Of course it can be both online and offline.

Every week the same day is handy, you don't have to check. We can try Saturday, around 14, before the Turkish market.

1) Started last meeting. How do we know about people? How do they know about each other? The problem is that if one pv person communicates with them, the other pretty much don't know about it. We talked about this last time. How do we do it? Should we use only this website?

Some people check what's on the calendar, but there isn't too much information. Jade says it's better to just talk to them to get more information. Right now there is not more information anyway, so it's the only option. On the other hand, you might miss an important contact point you would have discovered via not personal means (cs profiles, passions, countries, LANGUAGES,....). It can be easy as the cs profile.

Bobbies last email is seen as exemplary, he volunteered a lot of things that can be talked/done with him. Maybe it's just as good if he leaves, he lets something behind (like a favorite place). For cs, emergency requests seem to volunteer more information than normal requests. but maybe we should talk more to them before they come. The calendar can hold the information about why somebody wants to come, but also why you want THEM to come. It's sometimes difficult for people to invest a lot of time online. But there should be excitement.

In the case of robino, they don't say hello. They hug you. Christian makes an utter jerk out of himself. He want to french kiss everyone here. As soon as they come in the door, all bets are off. We should be able to contact them before.

2) We have 100 too much this month. But we were hitting the wrong targets past months. But we're spending a lot of time on it. It was actually the worst the last two months, when the actual amount was precisely known. We're not here to talk about rent. If we can't without difficulties, we should just quit, And it seems to have been unfair the last months. If you don't have enough money to stay here, we really have to like you to be here. Maybe the rent should be anonymous as long as people don't want to know. If anyone is interested in the full details, he should be able to get it. We should have rent by the 15th. We're having people paying more than a week after the money should have been transferred, and this is seen as being very unhealthy.
Donations are nice. But in July, we made 900 in a first round of donations, which is less than half of the needed amount. Nobody likes to pay, but shouldn't we actually want to have this place?
Everyone seems to be against fixed rent. But after 6 months, we somehow seem further from our goal. We are on average less committed (?). Yes, there are new people, it takes time. It took time for everyone. but there are fundamentals: being friendly, paying rent, cleaning. This is not a lot.

Christian was very passionate in the beginning. You spend a lot of time on things, and a lot of energy. After a while ,you start to doubt. Maybe it was the situation of the house here. the basics not being respected is more than work on the people who do. It's demotivating.

Lucian hoped that people who drain the place, would leave. But this doesn't happen. Somehow it seems that the people who do most, pay most. Contrast the frenchies who did not pay a lot, but whose contribution was felt to be a lot once they left.

The type of people who are here have a great impact on the way we're paying rent. (d'uh).

Theresa likes fixed rent, as it's always negotiable (and then needs to be talked about). Nobody will kick you out because you're 10 euros short. But it could be talked about. It very strange we do less for this place we love, than for any anonymous room you would rent. We should find out why it doesn't work. Let's check out kibboetses. Donation rent is very important for us. We should do everything we can to do it with minimal effort (!).

3) Events. We're doing them. Cooking, cleaning. But we don;t use them as an event, as they're not on the calender to give a chance to everybody to take part, nor are they documented on the website post-factum. We should use the kitchen manifesto christian made. We should it more together. How about everyone does one thing every month to share? That's a thing every few days! God we're stoked.

4) We're having Hiroshima day in two days.

5) Breakfast. Christian didn't make us breakfast.Let's start early. On Monday cooking at 6, eating in the living room 7)

6)We can't find the contract. Christian wants to clear things out. He's going to check out Vereins tomorrow. Lucian will take care of the constitution (organize a seminar to talk about it with Plato's Republic as a central text). Chris is going to clean the bathroom. 

7) We should have more luggage in closets.

-always have contact information on the calendar
-find out when everyone can have a meeting together
-talk online about why we need to come up with the apples every month.
-everyone has an event each month
-hiroshima day thursday.