July 7th meeting - minutes

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The meeting took place from 22:00 to 00:05 with a five minute breal in between (1,5h later than proposed). Location was the playground near Weinbergpark. :-)

Attended: Clyaton, Jake, Tau, Daan, Timmy, Naomi, Fabio, Sebastian, Maria, Jasmin, X, X, X - Sebastian does not remember all the names; maybe good idea to mention those as well in the personal sharing round as happened before. He can edit this later, right?

Sebastian moderated the meeting. Sebastian revised both the meeting agenda and the notes, which are not in exactly in chronological order to best summarize the situation.
(He grouped issues, starting with the most-specific issues first and tried to get to conlusions, persons in charge, and how agenda items will be tracked over meetings).
Points 1-4 were discussed and concluded in one hour. Point 5 was discussed after the break and closed after one hour of discussion.

1. Round of sharing how everyone is feeling if they would like to
Clyaton feels great, happy, school is over, anticipating vacations, happy about the housr right now "except there is nothing for me to clean". He feels good because people verbalize their frustrations so they get out and dealth with and thereby, out of the way.
Tau is working the next days.
Fabian is happy too, bought his flight today, leaves 31st of jul y for two months. Back september 28th. Feels nostalgic about the project.
Sebastian likes atmosphere a lot better, recommended expressing oneself's needs over talking for others. Enjoyed playing Command and Conquer 3.
Timmy is to leave to London for four days. He likes a better/good dialouge. Communication is better now. Better place than a week ago. Suggests private common room is called 'love chapel' now. Fabian added that as such, people shall marry before using it..
Jake reported a day of despair due to visa/Ausländerbehörde issue. He went for a walk with a friend and felt better after sleep, optimistic now, hoep for visa next time. Wanting to make money with a job, helped Fabian and Jade with buerocracy.
Namoi is still registered with her old house and does not need to register. She receives mail at her old house. She is happy, everything is cool.
Naomi and Jade to ask Lucian about an accout for the project website.
Dann, Tau and Sebastians clothers are ally dirty. Sebastian called the service hotline to have the wasching machine fixed; and so teh dishwasher. (note by note-taker: Clyaton and Sebastian wrote an email to the service hotline asking for an appointment to get the machines serviced)

2. Keys
The idea is to make new copies albeit deemed expensive (20-30 EUR) to give back again to the landlord when the contract ends. In addition, a new lock with more cheap copies of keys is proposed (from Michael to Timmy). Timmy took ownership on this issue. Keep track on this issue next meeting. Prior to this, people (Tau?) have been woken up before by people came back at 4 o'clock at night. Previously the idea of switching the bell of or relocate to the living room was mentioned. Phones did not work well for key-coordination in the past. Comment from the note-taker: This week after the meeting, one peorson arrived late at half past one and no one opend the door to him so he left to a hostel that night.

3. Deposit
Daan and Taus seek more fair distribution of the deposit paid, also making for people to get their deposit back when they leave the project. Talking did not work in the past; no action was taken on this so far. Hence they proposed 150 EUR deposit for newcomers who stay more than one month. Sebastian noted that legally, a deposit needs to be paid within 6 months maximum. He shares that the status quo is perceived as unfair. Another proposal from Lucian was shared by Daan, suggesting people (which ones?) pay a 10 EUR non-refundable deposit. Clayton and Timmy propose to document the deposit history, make it transparent and encourage donations to the deposit account. Sebastian suggests that while he preferes a donation sheme, documentation and making it transparent would be in support of either trying a donation sheme or introducing rules. Clayton would take responsibility but leaves for two month of travelling. He committed to keeping financial records up to date. Daan committed to help bring newcomers up to speed with learning essentials regarding the deposit history. This can be mentioned together with the rent situation. Jake advised to keep fiancial records that include names for internal use alone and to not share with the public via the website and Sebastian and Tau agreed. Sebastian noted that the website online and Timmy and his info-sheet on the proect were attempts to help new arriving people at the project to orientate themselves and bring them up to speed. Clayton suggested such a documentation of how the project works may be needed as a reference for people living at the project alone to help see what needs to be explained to new arrivine people. Tau stressed talking to people directly and keep records.

4. General living guidlines/procedures
This is a list of maybe yet unwritten guidlines or procedures that are largly practiced at the project and noted as such.
- We generally appreciate guests to stay more than for a few days
- Guests to not ask to stay for more than one week in advance
- People interessting in staying for longer than a week expected to contribute to the project in one way or another (added by note-taker)
- People interessted in stayign for longer directly ask each person living at the projet how they feel about it and share their expectations (added by note-taker)
- Generally not host more than 1-2 weeks in advance unless commmunicated directly with people living at the project (added by note-taker)
- Generally not host more than 10 persons pay day, excluding friends and family. Note: Sebastian proposed to change 10 to 4 until re-evaluated. After some debate it was decided to give it a try starting from whenever not more than four persons are in the calender next. Results maybe re-evaluated a week from then. When does it start to be four people?

=== 5min break playing at the playground :-) ===

5. People at the project: Maria, Naomi and Jake
Mario would like to stay for July and therfore, asked every person living at the project how the feel about that and shared her expectations for staying at the project.
Naomi moved in after the process of asking every person how people feel with her staying and share some more of her expecatations and experienes staying at the project.
Jake explained how he feels living at the project and what his expectations are. Others explained their own needs, feelings and expectations living with Jake, including the experience of having personal and/or needs for the project feeling violated. Jake was qeustioned about contributing to and living with the project in sustainable ways.
Sebastian suggested that we could openly discuss any issues that are of a concern by people and recommended for state them as an expression of personal needs. He suggested it is usually helpful to share what one thinks, does, feels needs and trouble usually only starts when one attempts to speak for how others think, feel, do or need.

Note by the note-taker: The issue "empty fridge" was ommitted by accident, however, the fridge was full the next day; Clayton took people to the market and people subsequently made dinner. Sebastian also bought some bread and vegtables, Daan, Lucian and tau bought 30 € stuff in the supermarket recently made bread again!

Note 2: Please email Sebastian directly for comments or corrections about the content of the minutes - Thanks!