Lasy september meeting of 2009

posted Sep 29, 2009, 1:41 PM by Unknown user

The dorm will be restored as it was.

The living room seems to have evolved positively, there are plants and some cleaner instructions.

Cleaning. Paul and guests have been seen cleaning. It seems to work?

Food. We seem to have nice meals and enough ingredients.

Money. We're gathering data of the pasts months. For the next months, it's unfortunate that the people we're unsure about because they seem to be absent.

Workspace and the office

Sebastian made a sheet about everyones needs about the office space. He made a survey about who has a need for public (floating, clean up) and private (fixed,leave messy) working space.

7 people filled out the survey. It seems to little results for a conclusion, but there  is a need for both.

Our current setup support about 8 people. What if more people need quite space? Could you work somewhere else? Could other people work somewhere else? We could implement a fixed schedule as a way of communication. Sebastian stresses that we need to find the problem (= other people's needs) before we start talking about solutions.

What are the needs?
Jeremie needs a common computer 2 hours a day. He can work in any room.
Lucian and Theresa are moving into the common private room.
Sebastian has a need for a fixed workspace because he has a need to leave stuff.
Fabio doesn't need anything mentionable.
Pascal needs 4x4 hours somewhere.
Keinst was a Keinst space.
Emma needs a few hours a day.
Fabrice needs 10 11 hours a day.
If Tau is here, she probably would need a fixed space, but she is willing to try something else.
If Daan is here, he would like a place to put his desktop computer. As long as he is not using it, the place should be available.

Sebastian's flat.

Is available, Jeremie and Clayton both have a copy of the key. Sebastian sees it as a place to potentially have workshops. He objects to it's use for sleeping, due to contractual obligations.

Sebastian will not pay rent since now.

The common private room
Will be taken by Lucian and Theresa for the next month. He feels he needed to do it because it was his need.

Daan doesn't really know how to document this properly, so take the next with a grain of salt. Please everyone contribute to this part of the minutes.a

For them, it's unsustainable without a private room. Maybe it will be unsustainable with it.


Move shit out of the common private room. Its a bad place for the tools, for example, because they should be constantly available
Get rent data together, especially from Daan
Get the other needs from people (Jeremie).
Make a list of things to do if lucian leaves.