Meeting 23.6

Notes from meeting on Tuesday 23/6
Present wer: Geoff, Clayton, Freya (first half only), Tau, Sebastian, Daan, Jake, Emma, Ula (first half only), Jade, Timmy
Fabio was LATE!!


1. Flood damage from shower.
Plumber came today, but he was not nessecary as there was no permaneat damage caused by flood, also to look into regualating temp on shower. We admitted that using a screwdriver to clean the pipes means we are liable though.
Sebastian - nice to talk about paying for the water damage, but it`s secondary on paying rent, whcih we still haven't managed to make.
Daan - we need to pay it so lets get on it.

Does one person pay for insurance or all of us individual? Vicky has insurace - she's protected under her mother´s name.
We need third party insuracce, only some of us need it and it costs approximately 5 - 8 euro a month.
Someone raised the possibility of claiming on Sebastian`s insurance.  All costs to be reimbused by project if he does. Sebastian to think about this and get back to us. Worried about committing fraud - suggested everyone gets their own insurace, especially seeing as it covers the individual even outside of the project.
Jake - it's not fraud as we`ve already admitted libaiiliy,
Daan is to get third party insurace to cover everyone. Others to fellow if it works out.

Other issues difficult to discuss as we still have no bill.

Action - Daan to get third party insurance, everyone else to follow depending on applicability
Rent issue to be resolved and bill paying to follow.

2. Keys
Tim is checking a place out tomorrow.

No change from last week's meeting.

3. Rent
Still a bit haphazard, as people are not sure if they`ll be here and some have already handled money in. Seven people staying, and so far 1641 has been collected. Target is now 1850 to cover subletting fee.
We appear to have have no clear and accurate budget spreadsheet - this needs to be addressed. Clayton and Christian have been workngn on spreadsheet showing finances from 1st Febuary.
Tim to mail Vicky re how much she is holding onto in donations. estimates seem to be inaccurate. It is difficult to set rent and plan for project improvements without knowing what we have.
Should we use donoation money to cover shortfall in rent? Generally agreed as a bad idea as we'll get lazy.

Other sources: Lucian and Theresa coming back, may be able to donate
Some people are STILL down as possible residents for July, difficutl to press them when they have not seen the place yet.
Sebastian - he's paid even if he's not sure he'll be here, maybe this should be the norm. Like Daan, he is happy with donations money being used for rent.
Ula - donations system is not working- go back to first way of donating (which was....?)
Sebastian - minimum donatinns seem to be rising, which is a plus. People are donating more.
Paul - we need to get more diligent with finances in recording finances and encouraging new members. Pressed the issue for a spreadsheet so we can plan better.
Tim raised the issue of supplementing the rent shortfall with beer money...? If spreadsheet is ready next week, he can take action to put into place a beer money collection thingy to assist in supplementing SOME of the shortfall for this month.
Sebastian - spreadsheet as a wallchart would help.

Action - Clayton and Sebastian to have a complete spreadsheet hopefully ready before the next meeting.
Action - Tim to contact Vicky regarding the donations she is holding.

4. Verein
Research is still ongoing, item held over.

Sebastian also has expereince in this field and will help.

5 Ula's issue

Issue dropped - Ula had no interest in persuing the issue.

6. Vicky and the contract.

Difficult to duscuss as Cicky is not present. She is eager to give up her name on the contract to someone who lives here.

Action: Clayton or Christian are possible takers for the contract, Verein possibly in long term.

- Break, during which: -

Jade poitned out that she has seen lights on in the bathroom and water always on in the kitchen.

Tau said that there should be no food in the meeting area!
Paul - was chairing the meeting, and seeing as no one else was ready or listening had some apple crumble with custard while checking his email on Clayton's new baby PC.

Various - there was a spontaneous rental submeeting - it worked - Paul has no idea how, but was impressed as somehow, they managed to get rent up to €1641. Who says spontaneity doesn't work?! Contact Tim for more details.
Paul also propsoed that people who paid extra should be refunded if possibly residents decide to contribute, but no firm decision was made.

- End Break -

7. Tau's Issue.
[This evolved into a dissusion about the post in Lucain's log entitled "Transition"]
Tau - Would like veryone in the house to make a better effort for everything to work. Hard to judge who pulls own wieght who does not. Has had her personal life, specifically her photography on hold for the project and feels it's a big sacrifice and people live here for more reasons than just cheap rent and that we need to take more responsibility for each other and for the project. Brought up Lucian's post on his log.
Paul - Lucian is too strict in his vision and of what this is and what it involves.
Clayton - we need to communicate better; via the websites and the v-log. Issues are not being addressed. important to record people being happy or their personal successes.
Seb commented that he likes the idea of not needing a key to get in and that it feels more 'homely'.
Paul - website is not user friendly - perhaps we should we get CSers input - but communication will be difficult while this is the case.
Jake-  it does work for now, but yes, in time we will need a new site. Commented that the meetings are are more efifcient with Lucian is not here
Tau - we are having better meetings becausethey are weekly, rather than because of anyone being here or not being here. We are taking more initiative.
Seb - agrees, as Lucian says it should happen automatically and be the way of life we like to live. Meetings are more enjoyable if they happen with more enthsuiasm.
Paul - we need to be more organised before we get bigger premises, certainly regarding finances, hosting and day-to-day care such as cleaning.
Clayton feels meetings are theraputic in a way - at least it shows committment to the project
Jake - foresses more efficiancy and comunicativeness
Emma - you learn more about each other in this way.
Seb - meeting more often we will get better and more organised.
Clay - Lucian can be emotional and strong about hsi opinions sometimes egoistical, can be difficult to get him to see more ideas. People need to communicate better and it sometimes take repitition.
Daan - good that he no longer sees it as PV and that it has changed from his initial vision.
Clayton - Lucian wants to be a member but not a leader.
Paul - I disagree - I think he feels a need to be a leader or to see it going in his direction. He also said he likes to sit back and be an observer, but he can't observe and then tyr and direct the project at the same time.
Sebastian -  it's ok to say "This is not how i imagined it!"
Paul - allow for miscommunication: not everyone has read Lucian's post.
Sebastian -  should we document successes and day to day of the project.

8. Calender

Tau expressed a disapointment that she could not host a friend as the claender was full with people accepting guests more than one week in advacnce whil she waited. Also that some poeple seemed to be takign a lot of guests at one time, leaving no space for other residents who wanted to host guests at the same time.
Paul - booking people ONLY one week maximum ahead - is this realistic?
Jake flexibilty should be accessed
Paul - Suggested that personal friends to be excempted from the one week rule: as soon as you have dates add them to the calender. But we either need a hard rule or no rule at all. Flexibilty won't work, as there are too many grey areas, for example, people asking ten days in advance. Suggested that ookings now to include a reason for more advance booking
Someone raised the issure of "overflows" - CSers in the dorm. This is generally hinted at not being a good idea, as guests they don't know the form rules and sometimes have difficulty in accpeting them.
Tim asked what happened to the "residents only" sign that used to be on the door.
Clayton mentioned Lucaian's idea about reducing the sepration between "guests" and "residents". We may need a sign up temporary, Tim to put sign up.
Sebastian -  it used to be done on the initial tours when the guest arrived.
Clayton and Tau agreed that this should be on the tour.
Sebastian - sometimes, are we tired of giving same tour again and again
Clay - we should all be hosting as we all take on different guests, and this is what makes the project interesting.
Paul - suggested geusts to be proportionate, no-one to be hosting a lot of groups. No more than two at the same time.
Clayton - there is no real dogma - but you have to be responsible for own guests

Conslusion -  we need to be more careful about how many people each of us is hosting at the same time.
Also: Daan has a family request: please look at the thread he started and comment ASAP (he needs to give them an answer)

End of meeting.