Meeting - first of July 2009

posted Jul 6, 2009, 3:47 AM by Unknown user
Meeting notes.

Inmates (aka residents)

we told Maria (who might be staying here a month) and Naomi (who will stay here) about the place.

Clayton told us he will be away between 20 july and 1st of september

Fabio is leaving 31 july until the end of september

Daan might leave right before 2010, unless something happens

Tau is considering to leave because of the state the project is in, which is different from what she thought it was/should would like it to be. She feels this is partly due to people living here, that she has no affinity with. For her, the project seems to unstable, and is too chaotic, disorderly, and anonymous. She proposes a mandatory contribution to the house deposit to promote responsibility.

Anick feels that it's easy to integrate in the place, because new people didn't have to jump to the same hoops (getting a place, raising money, frunishing) as the people present on the 1st of feb. It creates a distinction.

Round table talk about people

We talked about everyone here. Tau was wondering how she should talk to people she feels she cannot tolerate. Sebastian proposed to talk to them directly, so there would be no expectations (? can you clarify ?).

Maybe we could do this openly as a workshop? We openly discuss if action should be taken or not. We could discuss people coming in, or going out, or just a 'procedure' for that.

Anick brought up the fact that we used to ask people what they would expect living in our place, while now they're just accepted.

More practical living together

Sebastian is confused by the shifting bed allocation. Anick concurs that this aspect was very much present in march. Some people agreed it should be this way. No conclusion was reached.

Fabio wouldn't like to have a fixed arrangement in the office room. But then we should keep the space clean and useable, otherwise he sees the need to reserve spaces for sole use (eg a clean place nobody else can use)

Sebastian feels the tours are of worse quality then before. He thinks there should be more direct communication with guests, maybe it's more effective than signs.

there are multiple ways to skin a cat.

Signs are not a way to not talk to people.

Fabio has good experiences actively trying to improve communication with Fabio.
Sebastian feels better with direct communication, to imtpove the actual living together.
Even though it's tiring to repeat yourself, it's maybe the only way to get a solution. We need to keep solving things, move it forward. When there are people involved that create problems, we have to solve it with them.

Daan believes it's ok to complain. This way it's not on your mind until there is a meeting/workshop to resolve it.

Documenting finances.

There was confusing about finance meetings. Next meeting more.

Geoff says either an agenda point is marked as solved, or a next step is taken.