Meeting 10

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Here: Paul, Tau, Theresa, Lucian, Kenst, Daan, Christian, Jasmin, Mathew, Sina, and the naked guy.


Jade: so now everybody knows!

Daan: best meeting yet, only 25 minutes late. Robino is here.

Tau: he is going to skip this one. I am back. I am going to NY 8-26 Okt, from Barcelona. Gone in Okt. Do not know if rent is sustainable for her. We got a telephone, robin set it up.

Kenst: light bulb living room

Paul: none, body expo developing. 3 body paintings this week. Bodypainting idea for secrecy and embarrassment, Most likely masks.

Lucian, Theresa, Christian: none

Guests: we are new (Mathew). .

Keiju enters: no news.

- Key handling and key copies /decision and action/
YES - Solved
Tau: New lock. Two sets. Anyone who wants keys can go an copy them for 10 Euro's
Lucian: worse then before. Haha note from Lucian: Now there seems to be 2 sets of keys around instead of 3.
Tau and Daan has a set of keys if you want to make copies.
2.- Rent for July
We need 1800€
Who is staying?
Theresa: July was short.
Tau: august has been painfully paid in three weeks. Did not pay the bills, because she did not have the money. Have 1830 Euro. Timmy to pay 90 more, sort of covered.
Daan: did not check for September, but will check tomorrow and let everyone know what happens. Will be pissed for the ones that did not make it. Hates the idea people are borrowing money without asking.
Paul: I always was paid before the rent.
Tau: should not be angry on the people not present.
Daan: sorry, but it is our second negative issue.
Chris: I did do it yet.
Daan: will check tomorrow. Sebastian has fun and asked whether the e-mail was about august.
Tau: a lot of people are out of space.
3.- Constitution of our Verein /Association
NO – still to be done, Free for anyone to pick up on.
4.- Projector! Can we use donation money to buy a new one? What is wrong with the ond one: is it just a cable? How much should we spend?
NO – Lucian is stil contacting the people who sold the projector.
Robino: tells about the Casa's way of getting computer, projector and etc. They contacted people on several mediums and got a lot of things.
5.- Quo Vadis: Where are we going? Where do we want to be in six or twelve months time?
YES – solved. Still and ongoing process. Lucian, Robino, Daan and Paul has a discussion on Quo Vadis. Daan and Tau are not agreeing – Paul thinks it raised thoughts for other discussion.
6.- What weekday we will hold meetings
YES - Solved
7.- How many couchsurfers can we have? Can we have couchsurfers when we are not sleeping in the house?
YES – 7 guests, hence solved. Common agreement by residents and guests that it is much better! note from Lucian: correct me if I'm wrong but the agreement ans streess is on the quality of the guests and relationships rather then number. It does happen that having many new people makes it hard to focus on quality but that is not a rule. 

Tau: my mother says that we should empty the buckets after cleaning. I think if it is dirty we should throw it.

Lucian and Daan: thinks christian has a different perception of it.

Robino: who ever sees the bucket empties it.

Jasmin: but why?

Tau: we need to create a general consensus.

Robino: can not find first aid kit, nor paper or pens.

Daan: we need to get a first aid kit!

Robino sends a letter to Casas Robino.


Chris: Lucian, was the only one updating.


Tau: was away three weeks.

Daan: we should all do it for Martha.

Robino: I read everything.

  1. Do we discuss non-contributing, non-sharing and non-committed people?

Daan: Yes, we do either it is a person or a problem.

Paul: who gets to decide who is contributing or sharing enough?

Daan: we discuss

Lucian: what if they say no?

Daan: I would ask if they misunderstood the place.

Jasmin: Keep a jar of fleas.

Lucian: what if they still do not want to go.

Daan: lucian's point is right, but if people do not join the project, they got 5 minuts.

Robino: what is it to participate, contribute, what does it really mean?

Daan: we need to be on the same page and why it is important to contribute. We care for each other.

Paul: I do not contribute on maintenance.

Tau: do you think you do not contribute?

Paul: no one told me about the cleaning operation. Contributes more creative ways.

Tau: Thinks pauls understanding is different.

Paul: we need to clarify.

Tau: I think the project is not meant to be creative.

Paul: we do need to create.

Tau: thinks this project is one thing. What ever you do is moiving it forwards or backwards.

Daan: people think we should learn from workshops, others have fun. What is the point of contributing. We need to do it in a different way.

Robino says he wants this as a workshop.

Tau: it is important for me to talk to them to know their goals.

Theresa: thinks it is frustrating not to know, but in the hindsight it was probably good. It is your personal approach.

Lucian: thinks this talk is difficult to target.

Chris: in Casa are you friends or family/kids.

Robino: Casa is where shared love is. I consider all of you my friends, I make not difference between long or short term; people I connect with can take long or short time.

Tau: Is this even on the agenda? Everyone talks to everybody, theres is only one person in this room we do not talk to.


Lucian: does everyone know there eksists a form?

Daan: I like the stuff in the calendar.

Lucian: should we make people sign up through this?

Robino: KISS

Lucian: do people want to do that?

Theresa: I think it is a good Idea.


Lucian, Bobby, Robino and Daan talks about different platforms and ways of doing the hosting.

Naomi: does anyone want black tea?

Lucian, Robino discusses what, who, why and how requests works.

Bobby: centralize it at christian.

Tau: do not think that the task should be given to anyone.

Everyone talks about how and why people should/would arrange their sleepping.

Tau: what are we talking about?

Lucian: the forum, do we want people to work this?

Bobby: it seems like one question: wheter hosting is a group thing or individual or both?

Paul: do not think people want to go through that process.

Robino: thinks everyone needs to do this, to give people a hint of the what they do.

Theresa and Jasmin: it is important to take the 2 minutes to fill out the forms.

Tau: they should fill out a forum. Make sure the forum is clear.

Paul: Forum should be conseise. 2 questions.


Naomi: what do you mean when you say this makes me tick?

Jasmin agrees.

Lucian and Theresa is wondering.

Jade: I am french, I do not understand.

Lucian: 100 people wanted to come, 2 came. There is many disadvantages to this, but should we still try?

Robino: exposure of people.

Tau: lets test it.

Lucian: asks asks asks

Jade: picks up on it. Send request to all through gmail.

People entering:

Kenst: did not understand the meeting. Thinks it is weird to spend 20 minutes on a water bucket.

Chris's Battery is dead – moderator and notar leaves – 23.00