Meeting 12 September 1st at 20.30h

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Meeting 12  September 1st at 20.30h

1. News

2. Why Chris deleted all this things in the website. Lack of communication?
3. New ideas, plans for the house. We never said this was a nomad base, is it?
4. People staying in the house: plans, how long, what intentions, what reasons, what contrubutions, what rent.
5. Rearrange priorities, in meeting. 

Those who attended
-Pascal Dumont
-German friend
-Fabrices Ukrainian friend
-Christian the Viking
-German Friend numero 2
-Fabrice Renucci

1. News
-Documentary tomorrow night, tuesday, 9pm Keinst
-Saturday, anti-nuclear; Kung foo workshops, if interested talk to Sebastian. 
-Bug situation, to be cleared this week
-New Dishwasher, 50 chops!!
-German classes!!  2pm with Tau!! and with anyone who is interested, one hour session everyday, everyone invited!
-Anick Marie, October 18th, is coming back!
-There will be milkshake tomorrow, the 2nd of September!  Celebration of life!
-Daan Quit his Job!!  Celebration of life!!  Plans, traveling in October, maybe november... Belguim?  Barcelona? Sweden?  Nirvana?
-Jade, did not find a job!!  Celebration of life!!  78% advancement on Tesol classes!!  So close!!
-We have a happy German who loves the project!! 
-Theresa is making big bucks massaging the masses!! watch out!
-We have a Beemer!!  Movies forever!!  Celebration of life!!
-On saturday, we have story telling night at the house, at 9pm, bring the goods!! Possible documentary screening at the house, Good boys ...
-Meditation in the Mornings, 7am, on the stairwells.  Everyday! 
-Pascal is happy!
-Our amigo, deutsch, may have found a home!! 

2. Why things were deleted...
-Discussion one : Thoughts and words on keeping ones online contribution posted on the site, or deleting it; and what this means to ones relationship with the project and those who live in the project... and why?
-Discussion two: There is a disagreement behind the motives, namely deleting things on the website, since, as the discussion was developed, the site is shared space as well as shared information, therefore by deleting a part of something that belongs to everyone, namely, again, the 'work' on the website, a part of the group feels that this action should have been discussed before it took place. Is there a lack of communication?  And/Or is there a lack of understanding towards everyones relationship to the site and the material there? And/Or is this an action that was taken in reaction to something else?  to bring attention to something?  ect.
-  Thoughts and words on reorganization of the house.  Remodeling the allocation of the rooms and purposes?  If so, how... and why? 

3. Who, why, how long...
-Fabrice staying until the 15th, then Vipassanna, then we'll see
-Jeremie, until the 16th, then back!
-Pascal, until the time comes to go...
-Amigo's, various time...

4. Rent spoken about, things are looking good.... except for Daan's PV Lending Bank!