Meeting 18th of June

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  Meeting 1 - Thursday!!!!!
18th of June at 20.30 h. at the Caravan House

To discuss:

1.- Key handling and key copies /desicion and action/
2.- Rent for July
We need 1800€
Who is staying?
3.- Constitution of our Verein /Assotiation
4.- Projector! Can we use donation money to buy a new one? What is wrong with the ond one: is it just a cable? How much should we spend?
5.- Quo Vadis: Where are we going? Where do we want to be in six or twelve months time?
6.- What weekday we will hold meetings
7.- How many couchsurfers can we have? Can we have couchsurfers when we are not sleeping in the house?

Meeting - Thurs 18 June - Paul's notes

PLEASE check for errors and omissions!! Agreements and conclusions are in bold so you can see at a glance what happened (I believe in making things easy!)

Present - Sebastian, Daan, Tau, Jake, Ulla, Timmy, Fabio, Paul, Kovae (sp?), Jeremy, Jenny, Roger.
Manuel and Vicky came later; Sebastian left early sue to a prior appointment.

1 - The water-pipes.
Sebastian opened with a brief overview of the damage caused by the shower flood to the appartment below. At present we are awating a bill and things are working out "as well as can be expected" at the moment.  Ursula questioned as to whether responsibility falls with the owner and not us.

Sebastian and Vicky mentioned insurance (for 5 - 8 eur per month) and recommended everyone taking out insurance. Timmy questioned as to what is covered; apparently it's you screwing
up someone else's stuff. -> "Haftpflichtversicherung"

Paul asked what general insurance covered. Apparently we don't have it - Vicky has personal insurace but does not want to use it.

Sebastian to make another note on his thread covering this. Sebastian, Jake and Tim tested the pipes that leaked, and tested it, results of this are in Clayton's post on Sebastian's theread. Item

Item adjourned until next meeting - Please see Sebastians's thread for more details.

2 - Tau suggested we have a "how we are" round to see how people feel.

Sebastian - happy, exhasuted, has worked a lot writing on Autism.
Tau - happy to be back, tired due to sleeplessness! Got propsed to be a Senegalese, got a headache, and just wants a good night's sleep!
Daan - stressed due to work and hassles of it and the fact that Tau is also hassling him. Feels enthusiastic about getting the place and the people energised.
Kaloe - tired from walking but happy and enjoying berlin.
Roger -  enjoying PV - liking the project and things it should be expanded - possibly the creartor of the new PV Melbourne...?
Jake - has had a hectic week. Did not really enjoy the Ballast Der Republic food.
Ulla - not working on what she should be wokring on, but hey - is enjoying herself anyway! Glad to be back and seeing familiar faces.
Tim - happy, to see his firend Sue again, is trying to learn Berlin History so he can do the wdaytime walking tours. Positive regarding CSers but wants to see more organisation.
Jessica - excited to be in Berlin and exhausted due to activity of the last few days!
Jeremy - earned a Masters Degree in International Relations (it's graduation day today!) and is soon to be heading back although he is anxious about heading home to the US and unemployment.
Fabio - feels strange - doesn't have enough time for other people. Feels that people are only here for a short period of time.
Paul: Strange living down the road and back every evening. Enthusiastic about the future, getting painting done and some ideas about a possible busienss with Ulla. Happy here, with people around, nice to come anytime.
Vicky - tired from moving furniture from Fredichein to Schoneberg. Enjoying bening back around people.
Manu - "ok". [Declined to elaborate!]

Someone mentioed rent, someone else rang the bell, Fabio ran like a man on fire, Sebastian and Tau ran as well for some unknown reason, Tim ran buut was lassooed and carried back by Daan, who was returning.

3- Rent for July.
Poeple here in July: Daan, Tau, Jake, Fabio, Clayton, Sebastian, Timmy.
Possibly - Emma, Jade, a girl from Majorca who Tau knows, Manuella.
Possibly here for part of the month - Annick, Paul.

Rent - six people donated a total of 930 euro. Clayton was not counted.

Tau mentioned that people should explain why they're not paying so much towards the rent. Ulla mentioned the possiblity of people taking advantage of the donations system by only contributing a little but suddenly having a lot more for personal use.

Timmy - we need to find more people and detemine wheether or not the "possibles" are yes or no as soon as possible. Ulla agreed. Tau said she'd not want to spend a low rent nad have lots of people. Timmy mentioend a happy medium, but at present we have space. Ten to eleven people seems to be the perfect balance.

Daan suggested setting a minium donation level.

More people short term needed, but what happens when travellers come back? It seems to be a lot easier for people to come and go very casually, coming back and sleeping and showing no interest in the project and that it requires responsibility and commitment, but how can we make sure that people are committed when they come in?

Vicky - kaution of 550 was only paid by people who started the project. Should this be re-adjusted to cover everyone?
Jeremy / Timmy - can donation money be substituted for the kaution?

Also retiterated the need for a finance/donations page and people can be used for updating donations, Paul to action. Also, Sebastian/Timmy's contributions-CS page to also mention donations.

Possiblity discussed of creating a .pdf file highlighting responsibilities and "conditions" to be sent to all guests as soon as they confirm

Tau - suggestion in the past that we only have one CSers per resident to keep the balance and be more picky would who we host.

Also that large groups should NOT be hosted. They don't bring as much.

Tau - we each pay the same, but we negostiate with each other. Not thought of as a great idea - there will be a lot of trouble

Agreed - we set a donation minimum for furture months, (actual minimum amount not to be set until a later point).
Agreed - Timmy to take care of collecting and transfering the rent for July.

4 - Projector

Cable is broken, cheap but tricky to find. Clayton was looking for one. Strauss needs to be included in any discussion concerning the projector. 
Michael Lee also has one (which is apparently a bit of an antique), wheich we can can also borrow, so no need to buy one straight away

Tau - it's dangerous to have an expensive peiece of equipment, because it's going to break to easily with so many people around. Vicky agreed. Apparently, the history of stuff in the living room is not good.

Projector status is off the agenda while we can't make the rent.

5 - Keys

Anicks idea - keys in hands, not on hook. CSers can then ask for keys from an individual and be resonsible for bringing them back, while the reisdent will be ultimatly resonsibly for making sure they are not lost. Indivuduals to pay for key losses including losses by CSers. We are within right to ask for a deposit from CSers and keys can be sold by outgoing residents to newcomers. Cost is apparenty 30 euro per set, but we may be able to get it done cheaper.

How may people want a key? Four. Five possibly including Clayton. Vicky to contribute to final cost but to keep her own set of keys.

Agreed - Tim to check for cheaper keycutters, reuslts on appear on the key webpage.

6 - Verein

General pros put forward, people to look up webpage and investigate for themselves and form an opinion.

Topic to be deferred for a meeting of it's own as it's a big issue.

7 - How many CSers can we host?

The issue of space came up as people have again been sleeping on the floor in the kitchen and we feel that this is too much. Vigilance of the calender required, but seems to be ignored. Tau - we need to know about how many people and how well we know them.

Title - no, names and country of origin. In details - put the link to their CS profiles (all of them!) and the date we added the booking.

"3, Isabel, Pablo y Valeria, Italy."
CS profiles: A, B and C
Booked on the 2nd of June (for the 7th of June)

We can't accept any accommodation more than 1 week in advanced. That has been one of our rules from the beginning.
Timmy suggested we take ourselves off the calender, generally agreed, but info should be stored somewhere else. Also, keep a clear difference between residents and CSers. Difference between booking days and nights as Google Calender only shows you days, not nights.  Also, any contirbutiuons or workshops put foward by the guest to be mentioned in the booking. The idea about people not staying here hosting guests came up - it's a bit easier if the person still is here at least for part of the guest's visit.. In future, if you're not here, contact the other reisdents.

Vicky - friends issue: Csers not to sleep in dorm.; however an extra friend sleepignin the dorm gets YOUR bed: ask around before putting CSers in the dorm.

Agreed - the limit to be set at 10 couchsurfeers from July 1st, unless special circumstances arise. Date of booking to be included in the discription of ALL guests to be palced on the calender.

8 - The webpage.

Logs should be used more and updated more.
Website can be very difficult to navigate at some time. Lucian deliberately made it difficult so people will read it. Paul thinks this is rubbish and that it shuld be easy to view. There is no point updating logs and documenting activies if people can't find them: they won'#t make the effort. We need to vet people better before agreeing to host them is that's a problem. Also, brief discussion re webpage presentation. Make it easier to navigate, but post potential changes in a seperate thread first.

It is good that the webpage is editable by everyone.

Paul to update slideshow!!

9 - Day for meetings.

Tuesdays evenings seem to be best.

10 - Where are we goign with PV?

Paul - are we stagnating?
Manuel - agrees, but it's a matter of priorities: we are not able to handle something basic like cleaning and paying the rent. We need space first and we need to maintain it.
Timmy - not just workshops - other haphazard stuff as well.
Jake - preparation also important, for example, the beach party.
Kovae - all it needed was someone to take charge as Michael did with Clayton's birthday party. It was chaotic, but it did work and something happened.
Daan - first, don't do it alone. Second, you have to learn how
Vicky encouraged people to put pics on website afterwards so people can see what we're doing. Present what we're doing and make them want to come here.
Tim - Anick voiced agreement we need to documnet things in order for people to grow. Was reulctant at first, but did see the point in the long term.
Daan - people will maybe want to join in some way.

There was a general discussion re. logs and usefulness of writing things down so people can join you. Except for Chrisian, as no-one has any idea what the eff Christian is on about!

Timmy mentioned computer access, but it seems to be that he spends too much time on other sites, such as youtube; but this appears to more of a time management thing.

Generally agreed that more time needs to be spent on the logs and to document what does happen.

Meeting was adjourned for ice-cream!

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Christian Jakobsen Petersen - Jun 18, 2009 4:36 PM - Remove

Thanks for the compliments and great to see so many loves the place.

-My first thought: Okay, I will follow Sebastian's Log
-My Second thought: Not sure, but will stick to my last status on that.
-My Third thought: A solution I am willing to try out, as the current does not seem to make it.
-My Fourth thought: I copy that.
-My Fifth thought: I do not need keys. Vikings can not operate keys. A useless tool created by some madman who could not work an axe or sword!
-My Sixth thought: I will continue working on it, but it looks like I will need to meet some people for advice in Berlin and we most likely need a group session to clear out all the info and such about this. Which I will organize when I have a hold on it my self.
-My Seventh thought: copy that
-My Eight thought: still maintain an open-edit view. Page is scruppy to go through. However that keeps the fireflyes away, but atracts the insanely committed folks. I like neither of them, so I will vote for the third option.
-My Ninth thought: hmmm
-My Tenth thought: eijai; I am trying to improve. I may still communicate in my own method though. However the fact that no one knows what I am on about, only shows me I am heading down a road neither has been on (which actually makes my little brain spark).

Music: Debussy

Timothy Smith - Jun 18, 2009 4:51 PM - Remove

"Timmy mentioned computer access, but it seems to be that he spends too much time on other sites, such as youtube"

Haha there´s no "seems" about it!! i DO spend WAY too much of my life on youtube. but my first blog is now complete.

also i thought that was a good meeting. less airy fairy, more practical. things got agreed upon. good work people.

Nathalie Vukmanic - Jun 19, 2009 2:14 AM - Remove

3- Rent for July:
Possibly here for part of the month - Nathalie.

If you don't mind? Berlin is a lover I cannot forget.

Paul Bradshaw - Jun 19, 2009 2:21 AM - Remove

Christian - you are being missed alright, although I can generally find things now! I like your style of writing, but you might just need to tone down the surrealism a bit!

Tim / Natalie - can you guys talk to each other about Natalie staying (of course you´re more than welcome - have plenty of space) and donations if applicaable.

Christian Jakobsen Petersen - Jun 19, 2009 4:17 AM - Remove

argh, fail... It has been done before. darn, will have to find something else then. dense dim-wit artists and writers from 20th century!

Great, how long will you stay Nat?