Meeting 20 October 2009

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Paul, Spencer, Vicky, Manu, Lucian, Theresa, Keinst, Jade, Fabrice, Paul, Tommy, Sina, Sebastian, Julia, Naomi, Rueber, Daan via webcam, Fabio. One or two others came later.

(Please check that what what you said is accurate!)

Daan's Russian guests
Daan asked if his three Russian friends could stay here beginning of November even though he will only be here for part of their stay, accepted as OK. They may try to organise us; we have been warned

Getting to know each other
Yoad was not here and no one filled out the forms he asked!
There was collective embarrassment, but then we all know each other, so we moved on.

The gerneral opinion is that the contract will NOT be renewed, certainly not under Vicky's name.

General discussion as to where we will all be over the next few months.
Sebastian has a possible internship in Switzerland. Is willing to contirbute to deposit, but cannot contirbute to rent of new place.
Fabrice will be making his own project, inspired by this place, he has four so far and is looking for a place. Suggestion: perhaps this placeas no one else is willing to take over the contract...?  Fabrice is mulling it over for his project.
Jade - would like to move to Lebanon, probably in Jan will not be here
Theresa - would like to see project continue in some way. Needs a private room and would like to live in collective enviornment.
Keinst - if he stays in Berlin he would lie to stay with the project. Has interview for possible job in Washington DC, which would start in two months, will most likely head bac to the US if he gets it.
Jeremie - Berlin until Christmas (at least), cannot stay here financially. Might be staying at the teehaus
Paul - needs to be part of a more open and more creative. Staying in Berlin, not nessecarily at the project, will see how it develops.
Sina - here for November, Berlin for a few years. Her participation depends on how problems and frustrations are resolved.
Lucian - worried about the state we will be returning flat in. Will stay involved in project. Wants to see who is staying before deciding, espcially considering the lack of committment. Will be linving in Big Pink for a while in mid November
Naomi - retunring to UK in December (although is now considiering au pairing in Russia!) She's not staying in Berlin.
Fabio - Staying in Berlin, wants to stay in project. Feels its more open than other projects he has been in. Would like more privacy though. Has received compensation from previous accident and is willing to invest some of this in the project. This is, however, his only source of money. Is also actively looking for a new place with Clayton.
Vicky - would like to help in finding projects, but staying in Big Pink.
Manuel - Considers project not as an apartment. Hopes that PV could become a network, but needs more space. Wants to turn in into the friendly palce he envisioned at the start of the project, this is his current goal.
Daan/Tau (via Daan)- will be living in Berlin - 95% certain only one of them living in project - doesn't know which one. (Followed by a lot of inaudibles that I didn't catch)
Clayton (via Daan) - staying until Jan 31 at least, also helping to find a new place.

Lack of documantion re rent and transparency regarding where the figures are kept. trasnparency was "you could go ask" rather than putting figures in a central location. Paul admitted that he had not been as proactive as he could have been, and some figures are still to be updated.

Tommy said that we should take a step back or time out and look at where we have come from and what we are doing, even if the project ceases to exist.