meeting 9

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Daan, Naomi, Christian, Lucian, Theresa, Jade, Paul, Bobby, Keinst

22-00 pm


Jade: can someone  lend me a bag, I leave tomorrow

Daan: Tau is unaccounted for

Paul: I am going to do a body-painting expo

Lucian: We are getting a beamer and curtains. Phone is opertional, but the connection is not working.

Naomi: My mum, booked her flights and coming here in end of August for 4 nights. My friend from Italy is coming and Some one will teach me how to put guests in the calendar.

Daan: A belgian guy wants to live here, but not in Berlin.

2. The success of thee PV-day

Chris: lifting the PV-spirit to a higher level, by cleaning and reading the contract, basically we got all involved. Timmy even made a whole bucket of apfel-Zauber-wasser.

Lucian: our life standards increased
3. University day/ day of study. (Books, libraries, etc.)

 Noami: that is cool

Daan: if you want to read a book I can teach you.

Chris: to improve our efforts on studying. Go to the library or somewhere to reflect on what we have studied.

Daan: communual breaks. Coffee or lunch etc.

Jade: it is good, but I have a problem of concentration (Naomi agrees and has the same).

Paul: would it help with your own space?

Theresa: we would need a lot more rooms.

Naomi: feels more organized with no desk and only brings what you need for study.

Paul: would help mentally with a desk.

Lucian: still thinks clean desk is better. Clean the desk when you leave. no cups.

Theresa: it has been great the last weeks.

Daan: Laundry?

Lucian & Theresa: finds it okay.

Daan: closing of the door, is annoying.

Lucian: agree, but not annoyed.

Chris: create a space of knowledge, in the libraries. Thinks change in the enviroment is healthy.

Jade: Cheng Han called and said 'okay'.

Theresa: wants to go to the library.

Naomi: wants once a week.

Daan: 1/2 hour concentration.

discussion fades, but leaves a positive signal towards the idea.

3.1 Financial day personal, internal and external.

Chris: not rent!

Lucian: keeps talking about the rent.

Theresa, Naomi and Jade: agrees that financial situations is not something parents can teach you.

Paul and Lucian: explains rent to each other.

 Heavy fight with numbers.

Theresa is joining the debate. We have a good spot in the area and we need to get out of debt. System needs to be applied to get out of the debt. There is no place you will get to live without making the rent.

Paul: we have always made the rent, though not the variable costs. We live as a project and not as any one else.

Chris: points out rent is not on the agenda!

Theresa: insane way of running this.

Debate breaks up into the normal hassle and including the shower incident. Lucian tells the story. Daan says it is more then 2.000 Euro's. Chris is annoyed everyone has accepted the of topic debate, still he keeps typing. Paul ask for the bill, no one knows, disappointed for the lack of closure. Lucian and Theresa wants to be safe. Theresa is referring to the incident of 6 or less people, risk.  Paul is comfy about 10 people each month for the rent. Lucian wants to create a  future option to recreate the donation. Daan borrows money to Paul, as friends.

Keinst: I want different light bulbs.
 Everyone agrees on that. Lucian wants to use beer money for the light bulbs.

Theresa: Laptop turn it off, simple and good. Unplug the charger.

Bobby: electricity myth.

Lucian: measured it. wants to make a list, brainstorming and event.

Noami: wants a drink and goes for it.

Keinst: turns around the bulb. it is only 60 W.

Chris: wants to try again on the personal financial check. Discussed it and it went of in a wrong direction. Chris writes and has doubt is idea was understood and realizes the passion for making the rent is very big and do not want to fight against it.

Daan: turns of the light, as an experiment.

Lucian: not happy. Is the Rent done? did we talk enough?

Daan: we are never done.

Jade: 6 people?

Daan: situation in the first month and we payed 300 Euro.

Theresa: explains the concept of excess money (also known as savings) for the project.

Jade: so with 6 we will pay with savings.

Lucian: sort off.

Theresa: if it is fixed it would not drop.

Lucian: when we get the buffer, but sometime in the future. Not to speak about the bill.

Keinst: Cold blue or warm white? for the bulbs. People agree on warm white. followed by an 10 minutes discussion on lights. Keinst goes to the kitchen to check the lights.

Lucian: does everyone have the account for the rent? Please turn on the light (lights go on).

Paul: are we finished with rent?

Jade: explains a friends price difference on the apartments.

Keinst is back.

Daan: we need to solve this first. We can not negotiate this place cheaper. If we are *really* committed to get a new flat, we can do it cheaper.

Lucian: everyone fine with the point? okay, move on.

4. Museum& Berlin..when, what

Daan: did research  on the museums and it is 1,5 euro on social undesirable people. I can do something on genetics.

Lucian: can do something with TED talks.

Daan: just needs slides and a beamer.

Bobby: this week?

Lucian: why so fast?

Bobby: I am leaving soon.

Lucian: Sunday evening for talk. Monday visit.

5.1 LOG's

Lucian: personal development tool and to let everyone know what we are up to, so they can help out or ask. We can do a whole meeting on the this. It seems that the meeting has reached the death hour.

Naomi: says it is great and I would like to use it. ( chris promises her to show her how it works and the calendar.)

Paul leaves.

Daan: not goals, but what your working on.

Jade enters with grapes.

The death hour is gone for the moment.

Lucian and Daan has a debate on the log's.

Noami: finds it easier getting it done if she tells people.

Anke: I think it is personal, some people needs to set goals and others does like Daan.

Daan: finds himself counterproductive.

Jade: says she is a loser.
Naomi: says she is the same.

Anke: thinks it might work in reverse.

Lucian: you needs to give you self targets. Creates a mind experiment and losses everyone in the process.

Theresa moves in to save to debate and create further platform for it.

Anke: some people focuses on the disappointment.

Lucian: thinks he does that, but then not.

Naomi: talks about her concentration and focus.

Jade: shares her thoughts and feels she is very welcomed here and among friends.

Daan and Lucian: yes, that is the place we want. The rule is everyone cares.
Lucian heads of into the rent, again!

Point Johannes:

Daan: asks johannes what his family feels about being here.

Johannes: they where skeptical, but they find it very interesting now.

Daan: did you have enough information?

Johannes: biggest surprise was the many people here.

Daan: Stairs and mum?

Johannes: maybe, a little

Daan: could we have done more for you?

Unclear answer.

Jade: likes the way people interact.

Lucian: talks about privat food, estimate before we moved in and wanted to tell everybody what we spend yesterday.

Naomi: is it best we give money for that?

Daan: some people buy what we need for a week.

Theresa: something extra was bought.

Daan: pays more then 15 euros a week.

Lucian: still thinks it is hard to estimate what we buy.

Theresa: highlighter, fridge and receipts.

Lucian: that is another meeting to have.

Theresa: do not think we need another meeting for this.

Daan: we only have this one?

Lucian: wants more meetings.

Daan: Wants a group for each point and feels frustrated that things does not happen. Thinks things are not being reflected and people acts more on what is recently posted.

Paul: is pessimistic

Naomi: where is Sebastian?

Paul: Are we drifting and massage workshop?

Daan and Paul reflects on the massage workshop. Paul thinks it is not what people thinks is contributive.

Daan tells him about the importance about the web page.

Paul is disappointed about the failing response. Daan feels the same.

Daan is missing a conclusion from the threads. Lucian sees it as a failure of continuing communication. Paul i confused about the big privat

Paul: dropped out because he did not expect his opinion to change.

Chris: that is very narrow minded

Paul digs his hole in front of Lucian and Theresa, as he says he needs an end-point and has experience on these conversations, they go no where.

Lucian and Paul is heavy 'Talking' on freedom... Free even if known as a crazy person. Trust, friends. etc.

Chris's battery is dead and resume ends here. 23.46