Meeting from October 6th

posted Oct 7, 2009, 2:41 AM by Manuel Lombardi
Meeting from October 6th

Luician, Sina, Fabrice, Paul, Jeremie, Sebastian, Pascal, Theresa.
Later Clayton, Yoad, Emma (non-resident one) Or.
Seems like more people were there - Sorry if I missed your name!

Lucian meetings
Expressed lack of commitment to meetings, especially startiung late. Suggested daily meetings to talk about core project issues. We're not doing the basics of just talkind, discussing the project and where it's going and how we can develop it. This is our "work"
Fabrice - it should be kept to a tight time schedule.
Sebastian - Wants to keep Tuesday meetings, regardless of whether daily meetings take place or not.
Ran out of time at this point, meetings to begin tomorrow at 10, for a week, discuss if it worked at next meeting.

Paul - Kiwi family
Common Private room? Offer them room, see if they want it.
No further guests regarding these dates, Rueben and Julia to be added for night before.

Paul - Poor communication
Point made about poor and insensitive communication with people who have lived here and who are maybe considering coming back. A lot of people are taling initiative to tell people that there energies might not be prodcutive here and that "we" think that it might be best if the find somewhere else. Hated the wrod "we" being used when it was never discussed. Also, if people have problems with other residents not living here, it should be brought up in a meeting and NOT just sent by one person via an email. This has led to a lot of hurt feelings and feelings of being rejected.
Naomi has expressed a desire to return, possibly not long term but, short term. She will be here on Thursday afternoon to discuss.
Clayton pointed out that she possibly "closed her own door" when she left.

Christian bedbugs
Clayton - has been finding dead bedbugs, we're still spraying the mattresses. Said it was time to suck up dust and reapply the DE lair.
Lucian/Theresa - general clean up would be no harm, It's kinda dusty again!

Rent Theresa
Theresa to collect for Nov again, cash to be given to her or money to be trasnferred to her account as usual.
Sina asked how we would feel if she was to become a permanat resident, there will be space following Emma/Ula leaving.
She only has been here for two days but she has been thinking about this a lot, loves the 3-hour discussions and sees this as a very positive place for her personal growth and to see how we can promote living wihtout trying to make profit. She's also working on a bigger house project in Berlin. Mentioned another project called Nebulas and invited us to a market in Neukoelln on Satruday to introduce the people who live there.
Clayton - wants to start actively looking at more/bigger places both online and in person.
Lucian - sees this as an opppertunity to help improve communication
Theresa - be great if you could give feedback
Sina (more about Nebula) - so far, no house, jutst people coming together. Started with an ad, got a great responce ten people regularly coming for meetings. Sees it as more of a get-involved-with-the-community project, complete with open coffee shop. Sees it as a bigger version of PV. Still at the house-searching side of things.

Jeremie - Homepage feedback
It appears that people are reading it but still very confused as to what goes where and where to find specific informartion. Sina said spent two hours on the website and created an account that no one looked at. The lack of feedback really frustrated her. Clayton mentioned that people are probably only reading the homepage. People who have no knowledge of wesbite do NOT know where to look for information, whereas we do. We're accustomed to it, but some stuff can be very hard to find. Even those who did spend the time got
Jeremie felt about putting more direct links and lins to personal logs on the front page.
Lucian suggested designing a "beginners" entrance for people who aren't familiar with the site.
Other platforms were suggested, including a facebook one, Lucian stated we need to bring the ideas together and choose one. There is a learning curve and everyone should put their comments on the website. Maybe we spent too much time on encouraging people to figure it out for themselves. He is seeing feedback and suggestion about how to imrpoive it.

Jeremie - Bathroom/kitchen signup sheets
Some people like them, it encouraged them to help more and also encouraged awareness amongst guests and allowed them to volunteer more easily.
Lucian felt that it was too direct, sees it as a "this is how things work around here". Feels it pushes some poeple away (they are not allowed to help). Wants people to clean it because its dirty and not becuase they've put their name on a list or out of social obligation.
Jade - wants people to clean up after themselves and not leave it for one person. Specifically mentioned the kitchen where people just leave dishes in the sink.
Lucian asked how are we goin to create a situation that people are natually aware. Human nauture v a automatic responsibility
Jermeie - asked What is it that WE are doing - feels part of the "WE", but does not now what We is. He has put a lot of nenergy in the project, mentioned split again between what we want to do and waht we should be doing. Are the solutions working with the philosopy of PV?
Lucian said that it's where you "see" the problem. He wants a project where people do things becuase the need to be done and not because they feel oblighed to. Sometimes the solution aggrivates things rather than solve things. Here, we did not trasnmit the message that people are expected to care much more and to pay attention to people's needs moreso than they ever have before. No quick-fix. Put friendship first, then grow. Not supposed to be easy. Everyone in the leftist/hippie club sees the world as a mess and then makes another mess. Why aren't we giving it time? Why are we rushing to solve a problem?  Also feels that he was confronted by the signs and not asked and doesn't have the option to take them down.
Yoad - difference in signup sheets. Sees the kitchen as more informative - sees it as challenging and likes knowing what is beine cooked/done before hand. and see if he can also make somethgn to go with it.
Theresa brought up the subject of disagreeing but not discouraging people. Feels it's lowering the bar and making it too easy.
Jeremie decided that when bathroom sheet expires, he won't make a new one, but will bring up discussion.

The issue of swapping the workroom and livingrooms over was also breifly touched on.

Lucan gave a presentation about the PV Money side of things and brought up a lot of awareness as to where we are financially, generally beleived that we are in debt.