Verein Creation and The Demand for Happiness...

posted Oct 27, 2009, 2:18 PM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated Oct 28, 2009, 12:04 AM ]
Meeting of Today:

Present: Viking, Lucian, Theresa, Naomi, Fabrice, Paul, Joad, Sina, Spencer

Here is what happened:
Good news:

Paul was happy that so many people came to see his mum...
Keinst got his Intership in DC, will leave tomorrow morning and save the world...
Naomi has her last week at the job and will be full time in the PV and studying Russian...
Spencer got his internship and will stay until december and pay some rent...

Ace week so far...

 Christian spend 4 hours at school and all his breaks thinking and talking about the Verein with his Law teacher.
 The teacher took me to his office and gave me a book and some ideas of creating a Verein.
 Elinore and Joad donated money to christian (telling him to use it for the project) which is going straight into the administration fees in creating the Verein.

Vorverin was created:
 Christian <-- Click me, I will be the ruler of the vorverein until this task is done. I know that is a lot of power and I will try to govern it fair. I invited Lucian and Fabrice in the process and it will clearly be one of them evolving this project. I said a deadline on the Vorverein so I have to lay down the ultimate power. This is a demand from me or I will not be able to help you out with the Verein, my intentions is to keep it simple and let the 7 verein members TALK (which I hate). Consider it as a gift and the only thing I demand is to do my thing!

Secretary and translation (since everything will be in German):
 Sebastian and Sina

The Vorverein will be of three members to collect all suggestions for the 'real' Verein.
The Vorverein has all necessary authority to create the constitution for the Verein.
The Vorverein's task is to create a Verein as flexible as possible and let the 7 Verein members form the Verein in the future.
Stuff for the constitution has to get 3/3's of the Vorvereins Votes to become a part of it. By indecisivenesses, Christian can force votes through.
The Vorverein should have arrange the first Verein meeting within 1 month from now or it will automatically be dissolved.

Rules for suggestions and Communication:
Negative words is not allowed (such as: no, cannot, not, impossible, etc.), until the creation of the meeting. In case of such usage, the project will be terminated.
This means that the slogan will have to change: 'we are doxxx know what is good for you'
All suggestions go straight to the Big sheet of Paper created for this in the living room or to the Vorverein.
Christian will create a draft for the blue prints of the constitution and Sebastian will translate.

After the creation of the blue prints they will be e-mailed to everyone and the following will occur:
  • 1 st round of suggestions (by the 31 st)
  • Revision of the draft (this is where the Vorverein's first task)
  • Second draft for suggestion (by the 2 November)
  • 2 nd round of suggestion (by the 7 November)
  • 2 nd Revision (by 9 November)
  • Final suggestions (by the 12 th November)
  • Last Amendments by the Vorverein (by the 14 th November)
  • Publishing of the constitution  (by the 14th)
  • Invitations for Creation of Verein (by the 16 th November)
  • Dissolving the Vorverein and leaving the task for the New chairman of the Verein (by the 27 th of November)
Budget for Verein: 80 Euro's