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French food recipe

I'll put three recipe oh french cake. Here all people love it! (please excuse my poor english )
In the first time: LES CREPES ( for 14pers)
In a salad bowl, you put 1KG of flour, 1L of milk, 125G of well-blended butter, 6 eggs and mix the all with mixer. Wait 1H and see if the bater is not too thick. If it is, you can put water.
For cook crepes, take a frying pan, put oil on a paper and grease the frying pan with that.
Be careful, crepes should be fine!!! It's not a pancakes!!!!
Like in this picture, Ursula makes crepes and it's a french tradition to trow crepes in air!
Fondant au Chocolat
In a salad bowl, put 150g of soft butter with 150g of sugar and mix with cox.
Take 3 eggs and 70g of flour.Few a few incorporate food in a alternative way. Mix every time and between part with mixer.
To finish, melt 150g of chocolate with few water in a saucepan and mix with the rest.
Gateau au yaourt
In a salad bowl, put 1 pot of yoghurt, 2 pots of flour, 2 pots of sugar, 1/2 pot of oil, 3 eggs,1/2 sache of baking powder, few of vanilia.
Mixed the all. And put in the oven.
If you want you can put lemon inside or chocolate chips, or coconut... as you want!
Good cook
Mar 18, 2009, 3:00 AM