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July Rent

Hi guys,

so for rent for july July i I want to sort it by monday as i I´m going to fusion festival this week and   I need to have this sorted   out beforehand. (come on Timmy, you're a native!)

with tau, fabio, clayton, jake, daan, sebastian & myself we´ve got 1230
so i need to deposit intially 1312,33 so we´re 82,33 short on the basic amount

a) can anyone who wishes to donate next month please inform me asap
b) are any of the people who came up in the meeting such as emma, manuella, annick, paul, natalie actually going to be here and going to contribute

you can just email me at timmytimmytimmytimmy@hotmail.com

if no more contributions come i suggest we raise the mimimum like we discussed at the meeting
cheers timmy