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A forum for PV?

posted Aug 21, 2009, 3:13 AM by Manuel Lombardi
An online forum would be a good idea, a lot of arguments could be discussed in a proper board instead of filling up pages in this website with comments.
At the beginning of this adventure, Lucian tried to include a forum page in this site: it was a fail, the google forum doesn't really match with the sites (ahiahiahi, google!!) so nobody ever used it.

There's still the group on CS, it works fine as a forum board BUT is not the best choice for us: PV is not a subcategory of CS, right?
Anyway (this is my suggestion), it can be temporary used until we build a good forum just for us (Casa Robino style, let's say).

I don't know anything about creating forum boards - what are the best platforms, the best way to link it to the website etc etc... - but I'll try to gather links and infos and post them here. If you're geeky enough, contribute!