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We are drifting...

Myself , Timmy, Emma and Bre had an impromptu discussion here and one of the issues that came up was a lack of organisation and direction of the project.

Following the meetings we had a few weeks back, one of the things that came up was the donation money. Having resolved the fact that we now know what we´re paying, what is happening to the donation money? How much is there? Was a bank account set up? Is the money in a drawer in the apartment? We think it would be a good idea if we had a finance page, detailing how many donations we have, what we´re spending them on and what money is available for other resources, such as materials for projects or workshops.

We also discussed the benefits of having a specific goal.  At the moment, we seem to be just drifiting along without any clear direction as an extension of couch surfing. We host, and that´s it. We felt the need for a clear goal - what is Project Volunteering (or any project) without goals? There doesn´t seem to be anything else happening other than the occsaional workshop. If we had a goal of some discription, even if it were to change, it gives us direction and with direction we achieve more. How about stability? Getting more residents into the project, for example? Or, how about creating a timetable of events so that something happens that guests can participate in.

We want to hear what others think of goal-setting - or how others think the project will develop without goals. We think that the project has a lot of potential - we have a lot of ideas, skills and resources - but we seem to lack focus, or even the desire to have focus - to make anything happen.