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posted Feb 4, 2010, 12:12 PM by Lucian Cosinschi

   Permanent Hospitality Berlin also known as The Caravan, The Project, the PV house etc. is asleep. A couple of days ago we returned the apartment's keys;  on February 2nd, almost exactly one year after we rented the 5 room, 140qm apartment with a great view. Downstairs at the entrance in the building the bell doesn't have our name. In any case even if you would ring, the door will not just open, and for sure, going up the stairs, you will not find the open door. A few days ago we returned, in a better state, the place we called home, some of us for a few days, some for weeks, some for months, and a few for the year. 
   It has been an intense year. We learned a lot and we are trying to distil what we learned, write it up and put it here on the website for everybody to see and evaluate. We hope you will help us put together a retrospective of the year from your point of view. Write the bad and the good, the beautiful and the ugly, the things that impressed or touched you for better or for worse. No matter how long or short you were there, how much you know or you heard, do write. We'll be waiting for and absorb eagerly your thoughtful words. Talk to us, ponder for yourself (in writing though), communicate to people who are interested in similar projects. 

    We're waiting for your messages at info at projectvolunteering dot net


posted Nov 9, 2009, 4:27 AM by Lucian Cosinschi

It has been almost a year of intense interaction. As a matter of fact too intense for us. The frustration built up over many months and we were unable and too inexperienced to take a deep breath, re-group and repair amid the general excitement. Now we need a break to calm down, bring our thoughts together again, ponder on what happened and the past months, learn the lessons, muse about the future.
We are sorry about the apparent rush in the context where nothing decisive has been done for months. We hope however that you will understand and give us the space and the time to focus our energies. We need to pause for a while. The next few weeks will be dedicated  to let the dust settle in order to see the horizon again. You can be a part of this if you give us the time and if you take the time yourself to think about what this experience meant to you, what you learned, what you feel about it. 
Please direct all questions to info (at) projectvolunteering (dot) net 

Saturday's Alternative Meeting

posted Oct 31, 2009, 9:31 AM by Unknown user

Hello family !!!.

Today at noon, a spontaneous meeting took place in the new office. A meeting of open talk, a meeting of equal rights for everybody, a meeting of listening/understanding/talking/writing and ACTING.  The meeting lasted for about 13 minutes, 10 people attended and it was by far the most successful that happened for the last months. Spontaneous needs/ projects/inputs/improvements were discussed.

For documentation purpose, this is what happened:

Attendees :


" Before building the house, build the foundation "

The meeting started with a brief overview of the last week since 4 rooms have been re-designed. How to keep on improving things, what happened, are people happy with that... etc..

Fabio needs a clean spot- so does the community  : The dorm was vacuumed/mopped/beds vaccums-turned/bedsheet cleaned/moped/DT bedbugs re-applied. DONE
Naomie needs a single bed to sleep. Bed shared with Yoad and Jade...  Discussion happened. DONE

Paul's stuff to be reorganized:  DONE- reorganized this afternoon.
Improve the place, bring more life in during the day. More projects in, more and more.... : Room cleaned/ rearange/cafe spot/table for one to one discussion/teaching/etc... Our amazing Quebequoises have come up with the idea to decorate our little cafe area in the common-private...  IN PROCESS

2 Private spot : To be kept or not ? YES ! DONE
Spontaneous morning breakfast. A wonderful daily informal meeting. DONE

Recycle Forest : A lack of effort happened in the last week. The recycle forest is now reorganized and workshops ( " how to recycle " ) have been done this morning. Keep talking to people and spread the word.  DONE

Cleaning- DONE

Sleeping in the dorm. Who-When- ...
Bringing back PROJECTS/WORKSHOPS in the place ...
More movies/documentaries sessions ...
Painting all cupboards in the office tomorrow afternoon. A Communal activity that will happen Sunday with The " P-A-U-L " !!!



LIVING T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R !-!-!

How to involve fully everybody in the place. Being a community, able to communicate honestly, randomly, spontanouesly...by spending time together and creating a vibe of positivity, trust and friendship instead of negativity, philosophizing, theorizing, blocking the ideas that everybody may have. Let s all reduce our egos and believe in the idea of one another. WE DON T KNOW WHAT IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE.

    For the last days the foundation was build, the energy was renewed. New discussions and a spontaneous meetings happened. With a strong core we will naturally and spontaneously strengthen the house/ the Project/ The Project Volunteering. ( Perhaps, I guess that by taking action and puting our ideas at work we can quickly find out was " IS GOOD FOR YOU " !!! ).

Big Pink: Free Shop Opening and Dinner on FRIDAY, 30.11.2009

posted Oct 27, 2009, 12:27 PM by Manuel Lombardi

Remember the Big Blue Bag? it turned in a free box in our living room. A small corner where to exchange stuff. There are many clothes, shoes, books and some funny tools.

But I know it's hard for who lives in the hip part of the city to take a trip in poshy schoeneberg just for a box, so...

You are ALL invited for dinner

Friday, 30.11
Starting cooking around 18

Big Pink House, habsburgerstrasse 10 - U Nollendorfplatz

bring what you want - take what you want - give what you want

Getting a new place - online poll

posted Oct 14, 2009, 12:48 AM by Manuel Lombardi


As discussed at the meeting yesterday, we are about to take important decision regarding
- keeping the flat in Schoenhauserallee (the Caravan) and renew the contract?
- moving into a bigger place?
- moving into something else?

But don't worry! We have plenty of time to take our decision. We have 2 weeks! :D

To help in the process, there's a poll.

Go to the questionnaire!

Afternoon Sunday 11 October 2009 - Chit Chat

posted Oct 11, 2009, 11:35 AM by Unknown user

This one contains a lot of editorialising.

I asked Lucian questions. Sina and Luke shared thoughts about community goals, direction, bond building.


I hope people will ask me and others questions, always, and if anything important arises to share it with others here.  It is healthy and stimulating. 

A powerful tactic during conversation is to force a minute of silence or contemplation.  Sometimes the will to keep cycling prevents you from thinking.

I learned that it is great to interact with Lucian on an individual basis.
I also learned that I want to promote the art of quiet discourse.
Encourages less rush, more focus, more attention and consideration
I learned also that for Lucian, awareness is a fluid process that is coupled with existence and doesn't choke or constrict things necessarily, but also that he feels a strong necessity for patience to facilitate the learning process, which he feels essential to what he and "we" wanted and want to do.
I agree.

I shared my desires.
Necessity for a new place as the lease expires
Luke introduced this concept of a common goal, such as opening another space. This led me to surmise>
A slight separation of working and living space; something, a cafe, some space where your psychology would be pre configured to allow for the responsibility of sharing with people.
Sometimes when I am at home, I don't want to have to put that energy into telling people about the ideas and roots of this place, but if there were a specific place wherein it would be the responsibility of all, it may be easier for me.  It is hard to not always be "on" when you live here because there is almost no separation between living and every other space and I can recognise that is a potential source of discomfort.  I belive it is ok to want to sit down in your living room and not always talk about everything, though simultaneously I feel it important to talk sometimes-every day or to reach out and share with people in the non-apartment world. 

More space for me isn't a solution to an inability to communicate, only a way to realise the needs of more people

Sina brought up an interesting question to me; whether we meet and talk to get out what we have to say or to share with and listen to others.
Sina also talked more about the group of people discussing the possibility of finding a building to buy and some minor details about an interesting woman who manages properties that might be affordable.  More about this later.

We wondered where everyone is who agreed it was important to meet every day from 7 - 9 pm.
SO, I suppose we'll meet and agree that 7 to 9 isn't good for everyone.  More importantly, learn not to commit to things which you cannot fulfill. 
Part of agreeing on and trying things is learning from them for long enough to know why they worked or didn't

I can see that maybe this scheduled item doesn't work, but others also have to be analytical and admit when they have priorities that conflict.  Shut doors so to speak.

We also shared some stores and met some wonderful new friends, Thomas and Benjamin, who came by to see us, Thom for the first time.  Althought I have known him since shortly after I arrived in Berlin.  They also seem quite interested in living differently

I believe it is important to talk or simply to be with eachother, which we often do.  But expand the discourse and share it with others, so I am not the only voice here.  It will take me ten minutes to type this fully by the time I am finished and it is at the very least worth while to let us and others know that we talk and consider and analyse and attempt to be aware of our lives and to possibly learn from them.

I will mostly concentrate on sharing time and ideas with others who also are interested and helping others develop their understanding of what I and others mean by an awareness of living.

2000 Hours / Sunday 11 October 2009 - Film - Peaceful Warrior

posted Oct 10, 2009, 11:30 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 11, 2009, 1:31 AM ]

Come at seven to meet CLAYTON and to learn a little bit about his reasons for being here and for joining the project from the beginning of his time in it.

We're screening a film that my best friend and also Sebastian have been recommending I and others to see for a very long time.

Sebastian has said , to paraphrase, that the film features an underlying philosophical current that would be interesting and relevant to those interested in the project.
Google it!

Film Night. Friday 9 October 2009 Lion King

posted Oct 10, 2009, 11:26 AM by Unknown user

A few of us watched Lion KIng, introduced by Geoff, as it is his FAVOURITE film.  Afterward he gave further insight into his love for the classic tale of family, love and honour.

Sort of like the bible.

He recommended we then show Aladdin and hold a vote to see which people prefer.

Whosoever would like to watch a film, consider turning it into a fun event where we talk about it afterwards.  Or atleast eat popcorn and ice cream eating could take place.  I mean, ice cream, come one.

Discussion:ongoing_Jeremy Clayton 2009 October 5 afternoon

posted Oct 7, 2009, 9:04 AM by Unknown user

Jeremy, help me develop this 

We talked about our own needs
Difficulties with Lucians style of communication for some people
How to find a place or a methodology of reaching the goals to which some aspire. I.e. Aware living, etc.
If there is a way for some to contribute to this goal if it is very undefined, other than constant communication
Jeremy is interested in Buddhist approaches because the supposed goal of awareness and others less defined rings, for him, clearly of the desired path discussed in many branches of Buddhism
He asked me if there was potentially a meditative approach to reaching these levels of awareness and consideration.

Also, how to feel less burdened by the heavy nature of some of these topics
How can we be impressed by the importance of some matters without feeling burdened or even disheartened by them.

How can we discuss openly and happily about serious matters.  How do we promote positivity?

More, obviously, but more to come as I continue to meet and discuss and document with people.

How do we create information that is for documentation and contributes to learning and not simply there to make things easier
How do we support and encourage people who do things out of love for the people who live here
How do we promote this dream that some people speak of so others actually understand it

Jeremy told me he only last night saw a glimpse of it and still does not understand how it works and what the GOAL is
I explained that is more a path for me, a path to awareness_ of responsibility, of possibility, of consequence, of ability of sharing, etc. 

New home page?

posted Oct 4, 2009, 3:40 AM by Unknown user

Hello everyone! 

I felt as if there was a lack of organization of the site, mostly lending to a designated place for things that we want to share with everyone in a very evident matter.  Therefore, I felt as if creating a group log on the home page as a proper solution to this.

This is very open to suggestions; in fact, I wanted to simply try the thing and get some feedback. 

Ok, peace and love!  Jer!

p.s. PHOTO: Jeremie's free love camping spot in the Pyrennes...

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