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Afternoon Sunday 11 October 2009 - Chit Chat

posted Oct 11, 2009, 11:35 AM by Unknown user
This one contains a lot of editorialising.

I asked Lucian questions. Sina and Luke shared thoughts about community goals, direction, bond building.


I hope people will ask me and others questions, always, and if anything important arises to share it with others here.  It is healthy and stimulating. 

A powerful tactic during conversation is to force a minute of silence or contemplation.  Sometimes the will to keep cycling prevents you from thinking.

I learned that it is great to interact with Lucian on an individual basis.
I also learned that I want to promote the art of quiet discourse.
Encourages less rush, more focus, more attention and consideration
I learned also that for Lucian, awareness is a fluid process that is coupled with existence and doesn't choke or constrict things necessarily, but also that he feels a strong necessity for patience to facilitate the learning process, which he feels essential to what he and "we" wanted and want to do.
I agree.

I shared my desires.
Necessity for a new place as the lease expires
Luke introduced this concept of a common goal, such as opening another space. This led me to surmise>
A slight separation of working and living space; something, a cafe, some space where your psychology would be pre configured to allow for the responsibility of sharing with people.
Sometimes when I am at home, I don't want to have to put that energy into telling people about the ideas and roots of this place, but if there were a specific place wherein it would be the responsibility of all, it may be easier for me.  It is hard to not always be "on" when you live here because there is almost no separation between living and every other space and I can recognise that is a potential source of discomfort.  I belive it is ok to want to sit down in your living room and not always talk about everything, though simultaneously I feel it important to talk sometimes-every day or to reach out and share with people in the non-apartment world. 

More space for me isn't a solution to an inability to communicate, only a way to realise the needs of more people

Sina brought up an interesting question to me; whether we meet and talk to get out what we have to say or to share with and listen to others.
Sina also talked more about the group of people discussing the possibility of finding a building to buy and some minor details about an interesting woman who manages properties that might be affordable.  More about this later.

We wondered where everyone is who agreed it was important to meet every day from 7 - 9 pm.
SO, I suppose we'll meet and agree that 7 to 9 isn't good for everyone.  More importantly, learn not to commit to things which you cannot fulfill. 
Part of agreeing on and trying things is learning from them for long enough to know why they worked or didn't

I can see that maybe this scheduled item doesn't work, but others also have to be analytical and admit when they have priorities that conflict.  Shut doors so to speak.

We also shared some stores and met some wonderful new friends, Thomas and Benjamin, who came by to see us, Thom for the first time.  Althought I have known him since shortly after I arrived in Berlin.  They also seem quite interested in living differently

I believe it is important to talk or simply to be with eachother, which we often do.  But expand the discourse and share it with others, so I am not the only voice here.  It will take me ten minutes to type this fully by the time I am finished and it is at the very least worth while to let us and others know that we talk and consider and analyse and attempt to be aware of our lives and to possibly learn from them.

I will mostly concentrate on sharing time and ideas with others who also are interested and helping others develop their understanding of what I and others mean by an awareness of living.