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Discussion:ongoing_Jeremy Clayton 2009 October 5 afternoon

posted Oct 7, 2009, 9:04 AM by Unknown user
Jeremy, help me develop this 

We talked about our own needs
Difficulties with Lucians style of communication for some people
How to find a place or a methodology of reaching the goals to which some aspire. I.e. Aware living, etc.
If there is a way for some to contribute to this goal if it is very undefined, other than constant communication
Jeremy is interested in Buddhist approaches because the supposed goal of awareness and others less defined rings, for him, clearly of the desired path discussed in many branches of Buddhism
He asked me if there was potentially a meditative approach to reaching these levels of awareness and consideration.

Also, how to feel less burdened by the heavy nature of some of these topics
How can we be impressed by the importance of some matters without feeling burdened or even disheartened by them.

How can we discuss openly and happily about serious matters.  How do we promote positivity?

More, obviously, but more to come as I continue to meet and discuss and document with people.

How do we create information that is for documentation and contributes to learning and not simply there to make things easier
How do we support and encourage people who do things out of love for the people who live here
How do we promote this dream that some people speak of so others actually understand it

Jeremy told me he only last night saw a glimpse of it and still does not understand how it works and what the GOAL is
I explained that is more a path for me, a path to awareness_ of responsibility, of possibility, of consequence, of ability of sharing, etc.