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Summary about the Extraordinary meeting with food of course

posted Apr 20, 2009, 1:55 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Apr 25, 2009, 2:35 AM by Lucian Cosinschi ]
Summary of the meeting and things that we talked. This is a file open to corrections and additions.

Vicky, Emma, Clayton, Ula, Tau, Daan, Manuel, Lucian, Christian, Alix and Sebastian were in the meeting. Paul and Jill came a bit later. Timy didn't come. Additional guests: tessa, fred, toto and ben.


The number of guests we acorded that is a nice approximation of the Caravanserai's hosting possibilities is around 10 GUESTS
Guest need to mix with us. We are all the same. We adorded to be more selective when accepting guests, ask them why they would like to stay in the project. We mentioned the importance of the correct use of the CALENDAR and that we have to avoid hosting somebody who is not in the calendar.


Vicky will get a new sink with the help of his father.
She will also get hold of the real number that we pay for electricity every month, in the look for a real RENT AMOUNT.

Tau will take care of the Broken Water Boiler.

The trash bins are sorted this way:

Random bag or box - Paper
White big trash bin - Verpackung: plastic with bio green point, metal cans and other metal, Tetra Pak
Returnable bottles - Very hard plastic bottles and Bier bottles can be returned for money in the supermarket
Black bin - Restmüll: the rest of our trash
The toilet's bin - only for non-recyclable trash (no paper, no shampoo bottles)


To live in this caravan house, one has to love the project. Or slowly learn to love it.
We talked about the importance for each of us to contribute. Cook larger meals everytime we cook, clean for all, and encourage others to do the same. Be active and helpful. TALK.

As this website represents the core of our communication, each of the longer term residents (more than 2 weeks) needs to have a Log in and also a profile where they clarify their wishes and situation. Paul, Ula, Emma, Timy and Jill will create their profiles.
This will not only involve them in the community but also give exterior followers a clearer idea about who is living in the Caravan house.

In order to keep a plan and be aware of each others plans, the weekly log " what do you plan to do this week" will be sent again.

Consider the idea of getting a common profile in CS, with all the actual residents as friends. This won't be for requesting, but to recognise us as a group.

We want to get a new common bank account, with possibly all names of participants that have given deposit money (to choose somebody). This account can be the place to transfer our money every month before it goes into the rent (so the account will also be free of charge) and also to keep our common money in the same place. This could encourage distant donaters.

Suggestions to improve communication:

Create a short video that will be available in internet. This video will include information and a smal tour and will help understand how out project works from the outside. Sebastian and Clayton declared be in charge of that.
Make a Poster and hang it here. The Poster will include all those tasks that anyone can do and will be helpful for the project.

Create a new calendar that represents the actual spots occupied in the Dorm. Include it in the website as a different calender with different colour. I suggest that it is only visible for logged in participants, to avoig confusion for guests.


Finally we collected the Rent wishes for May and past month for late commers. VICKY is gathering the rent money this month. 1800 € Get hold of her until the 25th.

List of tasks for residents that are free to do - please add what you think

make Projects
Develop our facilities
Gather donation Money
Fix broken machines: dishwasher, toaster, water boiler, lamps
Get our Verein done
Organize meetings activities
Prepare and give workshops
Collect Rent
Communicate to journalists

All for now!


To all Caravan residents, exterior participants, close friends and interested others:

This Wednesday the 22nd at 8pm there will be an extraordinay meeting in the caravan with some food.

The purpose is to see each other face to face, to love each other and talk!

The results should be:

- A clearer view about opinions, problems and emotions.
- Solutions for problems and a defined action plan in the next weeks, always seeking harmony.
- Engagement and understanding.
- Any other thing you have in mind or soul.

Please confirm your attendance, and please inform each other, not everybody does dauly page check.

Looking forward to see you!