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Henna Tattoo Workshop!

posted Jul 18, 2009, 11:06 AM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Aug 11, 2009, 4:32 AM by Lucian Cosinschi ]

I did it at a project day at school before, although it's long ago and I don't really remember much, but it was fun. By applying the Henna paste on your skin for several hours, the color kind of goes inside and after removing the paste, you will have a nice tattoo for a couple of weeks (no worries, the colors fade after some time) :)

I thought we can do it together with everyone who wants to have one at the Caravan because depending on where you want your tattoo you need a helping hand for "drawing" it.
We can try to colect some motives, the creative ones can draw something themselves and the spontaneous ones can just trust some artists to do a good job!

What do you think about Wednesday afternoon?


Now, that also the last pale shadows of my tattoo disappeared I want to leave a little report here about the workshop we made on Wednesday the 22nd of July (I believe).
It was great!
Participants were
Vicky, Manuel, Tau, Jade, Niv, and Michael Lee tried but didn't in the end

So Manu and me made the Henna paste the night before already because it is apparently at it's peak of activeness after about a day. It contained normal red Henna powder, hot water, lemon juice and sugar. All mixed together until it has a consistancy that is still liquid, but dense enough to be applied on the skin more or less like window color :-) 

caution: NEVER use "black henna", because it can easily (apparently for 75% of the people) cause terrible allergies that ruined people's lives before
                     see this page for more information or this one to read someone's story

at the workshop we used motives that we printed before, Niv used a picture that he copied from the screen of his laptop
first we copied them with a pencil on transparent paper, then on the other side of the paper drew them again with a normal marker (not waterproof!) in order to not have the picture mirrored (if you care)
then we used a thin layer of cream on the "model's" bodypart where the tattoo was supposed to go, and pressed the marker-side of the transparent paper on that spot - the color stays and you have a nice pattern on the skin and know where to put the Henna paste even if you are not a fantastic artist :-)
then we applied the paste with tooth sticks; it should be quite thick, about 1-2mm high maybe
Tau got beautiful big wings on her back
Vicky a music-key-flower thing on her left forearm
Manu got a self made tribal-ankh with wings between his shoulder blades
Jade got a butterfly on her back
Niv had a spiral thing on his neck

afterwards we kept the soon-to-be tattoos wet by spraying water for several hours (6-8)
I crumbled the Henna off before going to bed that night, but washed it only the day after and it stayed really nicely for about a week, then faded slowly
not as long as we expected but still it was fun and I totally want to do it again!


Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but I think Jade took some? Would be great if we could see them here!