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Housing - 12.01.2009

posted Jan 12, 2009, 12:14 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 12, 2009, 12:32 AM by Lucian Cosinschi ]
I realise there has been a dearth of proper/essential documentation here; such that people on the outside or who simply are too busy to chat in person, as some of us frequently/always do, might not realise that some of us are actually in the process of trying to secure a living space.
Aside from the long-term ideal of a large, multi-purpose, project/living space, there's another.
It's a standard WG an die Ecke of Schoenhauser and Kastanien Allees, in which Lucian and Vicky have been living since early Dezember. 
5 rooms+Washroom(Tub & Shower)+Powder Room(Second Toilet) + Kitchen.  Approx 140 qm 
 - waiting on financial details.
As it stands, as of Thursday 8 Dezember, 2009, the essential documents have been submitted to the property management company such that they can produce for us a contract. 
So far as has been agreed upon, Vicky and her Step-father would be joint Hauptmietere, so long as the contract is in order.
This means: no 3 year agreements; standard x-month opt-out,etc.  Others more knowledgeable should further enumerate here.
The idea is that this place is big, such that we can more easily work together on our ideas, while still being somewhat of a standard WG, with our own touches, and work toward potentially securing a larger, more project oriented space.
It IS meant to test our mettle and our ability and willingness to accomodate and live/work with one another.
The room orientation is not set but, it seems as follows may be one of the more likely options(feel free to dispute):
1 Private
1 Common
1 Dorm
1 Work
1 Temporary and On-going Private/Meditation Space.
+ the amenity rooms.
A number that is being thrown around as optimal or doable,etc as living in is 8 people.
So far the more firm live-ins are:
* - this can change; coming and going
Note: this post is on-going