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Monthly focus

posted Dec 15, 2008, 2:06 AM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated Dec 15, 2008, 2:51 AM ]
 The technical workshop yesterday sparked a few ideas for the next steps.
 1. Monthly focus. Most of the topics that will be part of the monthly focus are of perennial concern for our project. However, having a precise period of focus will gather energies in the same direction and deepen project-wide understanding of the matter. The development will be documented such that results of monthly focuses can be re-used to open or pursue various interests.
    This month's focus (Dec 15th - Jan 15th) is "learning and using the web platform". The particular tasks can be (but are not restricted to): play at test.projectvolunteering.net, Use the calendar (shared and private in collaboration), create personal logs.
     Send any questions to tech at projectvolunteering dot net
 2. As practice for this month's focus but, more importantly, as  a methodological step Lucian challenges you to choose every week steps you want to achieve that week. The items should include clear targets that can be evaluated as "accomplished" or "not accomplished" at the end of the week. (Tasks like 'think of...." can be changed to "write a 2000 word paper on....")
   Here's the process: a. This Monday you receive an email asking a question - " What do you plan to do this week? "; b. your answer will be published to a public log - if people know what you work on, they can help, ask questions etc. This would serve also as a personal tracking system for over&under estimates etc. c. Next Monday you will receive an email with two questions: "Last week you decided to work on... x, y, z? Did you accomplished what you expected?" and " What do you plan to work on this week?".
    Send questions at lucian at projectvolunteering dot net