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Move-in Postponed

posted Nov 21, 2008, 12:33 AM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated Nov 21, 2008, 9:56 AM ]
   Whoever watched this site constantly noticed in the past month spikes of posting followed by periods of silence. This is how we felt. In the past month there were several moments of enthusiasm ended in disappointment. The more intense the enthusiasm the deeper and more harmful the falling.
 It started when we found the place in Thulestr 1. We made plans and dreams about the place until we figured out we cannot get it. So after we got all enthusiastic and were slammed down twice we found (again) the place in Torstr. And our hopes and dreams moved in as soon as we visited it the first time. At this point we were hopping to move in every "Saturday - at the latest!" Our documents took a while to be approved by the Houseverwaltung, then the contract finally arrived, all beautiful black ink on very white clean paper held together by two golden ears on the side. And we liked it a lot. We met at our favorite candle bar around a table with the contract, money in one poket, pen in the other.
    Since some of us actually expected to move in on the 1st of Nov nobody looked for any B plan thinking we can postpone our stay with friends or in a hostel (worst case) if we must for the few days before we move in.  So Floh, Vicky, me and Lola decided to surf the uncertainty (ot the certainty of not having a place) for these few days before we'd get the place and move in. At this point, a bit after 1st of Nov. , Tau and Daan still had a place for 2 more weeks, Clayton could still pay his rent on a weekly basis, Lola's birthday was still about 2 weeks in the future so we were planning to have a nice party there about a week after we'd have moved. That is because we were supposed to move in the first Saturday of Nov. That Saturday past - with the documents at the Houseverwaltung- but Monday or Tuesday we should be in. Nope. Because the contract only arrived on a Wed. evening. No problem. Vicky's step-dad would be in Berlin on Thursday, we'll all gather the money, cash, so we can put it in the Kaution account without bank delays and get the keys on Thursday evening and I swear I'll sleep on the floor of every room that night and we can still have Lola's party in there on Friday. But no, Vicky's step-dad will make it to Berlin only on Friday evening and we can get the keys only before Friday noon. No problem. We'll sign the contract, have the money together, we'll rush the contract to Stralsund (where Vicky's step-dad is in passing) get his signature before Thursday evening so we have all Friday morning (plenty of time) to take the keys and ...still have Lola's birthday there, everybody can move in, on Monday we organize a car to get the furniture and we'll figure the rest of the stuff on the way.
    So here we were Wed at 7 in the evening all of us with all the money and the contract in our candle bar. What else is missing? Ah, my signature, here it is and nicely document by Tau. Historical moment, a bunch of people from various corners of the world put what they have in common to start something bigger then each of them. Every problem solved after almost a month of disapointments.
     But no. We did get all the money, and figured out other problems but we learned later that night that the contract would force us to things we don't want to do - have a business, pay taxes, pay high insurences etc. And that is when everything went down fast. (This story some over time)
Status - in terms of places to live it is pretty much everybody on it's own with people offering hosting in various places until you find your own.

The group - we'll see what stays of it and what part of it can grow over this.

My question - right now it tastes like ashes. Is it important enough to reborn?

Comments&Versions of the story&corrections&Updates welcome.