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New Place

posted Nov 1, 2008, 2:02 AM by Lucian Cosinschi   [ updated Nov 1, 2008, 3:56 AM ]
After a bad week of waiting for news for Thulestr 1 we seem to have decided on another place, the former 'ideal place' in Torstr 23.

Long way of  giving the same news (Comments are expected and encouraged):

Here's how I feel it it happened:
Three weeks ago when we found and visited the place in Thulestr. 1 we asked the renter how soon can we get it. '1st of Nov' she said. The meeting was really short but we were hoping we can visit the place again and talk more about it. It did not happen. First we could not reach Die Frau by telephone anymore. The email conversations are documented here. We feel that she did not help us at all in getting the right documents such that we could be able to move in when expected. Moreover, on Tue last week (3 days after we sent her the documents) Vicky's parents manage to reach her by tel. and learn that she has a number of worries about us. Some of these worries had to do with what kind of Verein do we want to be, how many people should it be on the initial contract, etc. All things that we could have explained much better and settle easily if given the chance. Vicky's parents passed the questions on to us, we passed them the answers and on Thu managed to talk to her again to give the answer to the issues she raised. At this point she sais that, actually, we do not have all the documents we need. However, she says, in two days after we get her those documents (simple sort of administrtive things) we could have the place.

: Why wouldn't she talk to us, by any standard we should have been in a better position to answer any questions. How could she expect any answers without talking to us.
Knowing we were pressed to move on the 1st of Nov, how come she only read the documents 3 days after we sent them. That got us worried that she will continue asking for documents with regularity and breaks of a week in between.

What I learned (again): Don't even try to count on people that actively avoid talking to you. A common project can be build only on working together through the issues&details.

(Not really) ) Aftermath: On Wed evening I decided to treat it as is we don't have the place (before we really felt it is a sure thing). So I called for the place in Torstr and I got an appointment for a visit next day. I was alone to visit the place but I did get the chance to talk about out plans for a Verein and for having people over etc. The new renter took the time to listen and even made suggestions on where workshops could take place etc. I also told her we needed to move 'yesterday' and showed her the papers we had already. She initially thought that we cannot meet this week again but after checking her agenda she suggested a meeting for Fri. at 19. We managed to gather a bigger group for it and while some were taking a tour of the place Tau and Vicky were talking about the documents.

Our New deal: Jose and Daan are going to be Haupmieter and at the same time the rest of us are going to be Untermieter. Moreover we hope to start a Verein that would overtake the entire responsibility for the place before the 1st of Jan. Other details of the renting are not yet set but we may be able to get one more shower and to move the kitchen with no price difference. Also the Kaltmiete may be adjusted such that the Warmiete can take 100E of water. That would mean 1900E Kaltmiete.

None of this is set in stone at the moment but we expect that at the latest at the end of the next week we are going to have our first meal, together, in Torstr. 23