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Our new Flat in Torstrasse - From Friday on!!!!!! - MONEY ISSUE / MEETING

posted Nov 11, 2008, 3:32 PM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Nov 11, 2008, 4:19 PM by Lucian Cosinschi ]
This sounds like good news (although we are still waiting for beautiful confirmation of all professional contract checkers we can reach) and actually IS GOOD NEWS, because all those homeless people that surf in the city will have their OWN FLAT on friday if everything goes as expected.

After buying some food in the Supermarket we decided that we need to gather the money by tomorrow (maybe thursday?) handing it to TAU or to VICKY (or transfering it to vicky's bank account in the worst of the cases, since it takes time to reach the actual account) and we will take the care of not loosing it accidentally (as we agreed can so easily happen) and put it into the destination account for the KAUTION that belongs to the immobilien company. (*That´s right! You get it all back, it´s rent free living till 2009!!!* says daan)

Now, all of you who are into this, contact us and make this dream possible. Money amounts were discussed last week and the numbers remain untouched.   --Donation from third parts are also appreciated!

That means -  you know what your number is and we know how much we want that KEYS!

Lots of smiles, I love you all, see you very soon!!

And all of you please correct me if I am mistaken and forgive me for length of this announcement!