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Spontaneous One Topic Meeting - 1845hrs - Saturday 03 October Theme> Dorm

posted Oct 3, 2009, 3:50 AM by Unknown user
Stick to solving the problem with a positive solution rather than dwelling too much on the negative aspects of our relations that brought it about.

The dorm was cleaned and re-organised some days ago and due to a failure of us to communicate some were left uncertain of a place to sleep and forced to endure uncomfortable sleeping situations.

Everyone who is here has now the opportunity come together to solve this simple and tragic issue of miscommunication.

As originator of this post I will editorialise for a moment.
As an immediate stop-gap reaction we made a dorm map and placed it on the door so that people could find a place, however, I think this should, if at all, only every be an extremely short term measure.  It is also recognized that it was done to make people comfortable for the moment

It is important to realise that it says a lot about us as a group of people who are more than just strangers if we need  a sign to respect eachothers wishes and to do what we SAY WE WILL.  This sign as a permanent form of organisation says implicitly, and even explicitly that we don't care enough about eachother. 

We won't critique people for trying to help a situation.  WE WILL critique ourselves for not caring.

I recommend the meeting and a healthy alternative to miscommunication.  WE can all get together, at least dorm sleepers, and anyone else and simply state our needs about sleeping spaces .  If not everyone can be there, then we will document fully the happenings and then allow the others to make informed commentary as well

I would conduct it is follows>
everyone states their sleeping needs
everyone agrees and if they don't agree they actually state their disagreement and give reasons
then everyone finally agrees
and does what we say we will

Then all of us together can simply challenge one another constantly to do what we said we would
This is important.  IF we cannot do what we agree to then we can do nothing.
Every single individual must ask themselves why they would not do what they agreed to.

Non Solution oriented or hyper-sensational commentary should be left outside

I encourage people to meet every day
If we can't meet for even 20 to 30 mins around dinner time or so, then that says a lot about our committment to the enduring health of this project.  Also, constant communication has proven to be energising as opposed to draining.