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Musically Minded V summary

posted Feb 6, 2009, 2:31 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 6, 2009, 3:01 AM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net ]
Unsurprisingly, these meetings on the whole tend to get better and better each time, as we become more familiar with the songs and with each other as musicians.

And again we realized at this meeting how much more productive we are when we have a specific goal to work towards; in this case, the goal is a performance on Sunday (details, Lucian?).

Following is a synopsis of the arrangements we agreed upon for the pieces we intend to perform (please post if I missed/forgot/screwed up something!):

"Turkish Wedding, part one"

Manuel - darbuka, Clayton - percussion & hand claps, Vicky - percussion, Lucian - hand claps, Danielle - hand claps, Trevor - hand claps & melodica
Chords: E E F | E E F | with a 3-3-2 subdivision

*begins with darbuka by Manuel
*one by one we enter, with percussion or handclaps
*Trevor plays around on the melodica for a minute or so
*we end together -- ***watch Trevor! make eye contact!***

Chords: C | C G | Am | Am F :||

Manuel - vocals + darbuka, Lucian - guitar, Trevor - ukulele, Vicky, Clayton & Danielle - percussion + backing vocals

*begins with the ukulele, and guitar shortly thereafter
*egg shaker crescendo!
*bass choir!
*Manuel enters with vocals
*we build from the soft beginning to a majestic chorus! and continue building throughout the song (adding percussion, ukulele switches to strumming, etc.)
*watch Manuel for the ending? (did we ever actually agree on an ending?)

"In The Pines"
Chords: E | E | A | G | B7 | B7| E | E :||

Clayton - vocals, Lucian - guitar, Trevor - recorder, others - percussion (tambourine, egg)

*Lucian strums an E major chord to give Clayton a note to start on
*Clayton sings the first verse a cappella
*Lucian enters on guitar on "in the pines, in the pines..."
*Trevor enters on recorder (embellishments, harmonies) on the 2nd verse
*Recorder solo after repeat of the 1st verse
*"freak out" after recorder solo!
*finish with vocals & recorder playing the melody in unison

"Postcards From Italy"
1st part - F | F | A | A :||
2nd part - Bb9 | F | Dm | C :||

Harmony Vocal: Bb | A | F | G :||    

Danielle - ukulele, Clayton - vocals, percussion?, Vicky - melodica + backing vocals, Trevor - recorder + backing vocals, Lucian - backing vocals, percussion?, Manuel - darbuka

*Danielle begins on ukulele
*Manuel comes in
*Clayton & Trevor sing both verses
*Vicky plays the instrumental on melodica twice
*Trevor comes in on recorder for the harmony to the melodica, two more times
*Danielle makes the switch to the 2nd part on ukulele
*Vicky & Trevor play the 2nd instrumental part twice
*Clayton, Vicky, Lucian, and Trevor sing! (harmonies, woo!)
*Vicky & Trevor play the 2nd instrument part four more times (and we all dance around joyously)
*Vocals again
*Ukulele & Darbuka for four measures
*Darbuka drops out and we end on a hanging C major chord on the ukulele....

"Turkish Wedding, part two"
Chords: E E F | E E F :| (3-3-2)

Clayton - harmonica, Lucian - guitar, Danielle - ukulele, Manuel - darbuka, Vicky - tambourine + egg, Trevor - melodica

...and we begin with that same C major chord on the harmonica!
*Clayton plays a pastoral I - IV - I progression on the harmonica
*Lucian & Danielle start in unison (eye contact!) on guitar & ukulele
*Like before, percussion gradually enters (darbuka, tambourine, egg, handclaps, etc.)
*Trevor screws around in Freygish mode on the melodica for a few minutes
*Trevor switches over to handclaps
*Lucian swithces to handclaps
*Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact, and we STOP together (watch Trevor)

*The crowd goes wild!!!1!